14 thoughts on “Perfect Exp Curves

  1. jragyn says:

    Should consider implementing this into something more grand, like XP-to-next modification + heightening level cap and stat cap as well. It feels like a bundle of things that would mesh well together.

  2. jragyn says:

    Don’t compare yourself to other scripters. If you were to make scripts only if no one else has ever made them, you’d either never make any at all, or only aim your sights far too high.

    I’m just saying this would be more meaningful if there was a limit breaker tied deeper into it.
    Why use 2 scripts when you can have 1 that does both?

    1. Tsukihime says:

      That doesn’t justify adding more, unrelated logic to the script. A good reason to create another script that does the same thing is if the first script is incompatible, or has serious flaws. “Why not just have one script do everything” is not a good reason.

      1. Dekita-RPG says:

        lol this is the exact conclusion i came to , if i did decide to write a stat limit breaking script i would make it its own script, i think having one script that does multiple different things will just confuse me if i find a fault. and like i already said yanfly done a script to break those limits with notetags for ridiculous mp cost in skills ect so i dont think il waste my time recreating a script that already exsists

  3. Dekita-RPG says:

    yea i guess so, il have a think about it, i mean the limit breaking is easy enough to do its only about 12 lines of code for the stats and about the same for the levels lol

  4. simplestchaos says:

    Freaking finally someone has one of these. ;o; I didn’t even think to look for scripts to fix this problem. XD Dekita you are the awesomesauce.
    (I fully agree that the default setup is Shit. Why have a minimum like that? Not everyone wants gigantic numbers in their game. Alas, tastes are unique to all)

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      lol thanks, and its not really that good i dont think, it just lets you break(override) the database for exp curves, only took like 5 minutes to script and 5 to customise lol

  5. Cyndaquil99 says:

    I can’t figure out how to do this so if you can make a youtube video or something like that I’d really appreciate it.

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