some news

heres what ive been upto …


i am currently updating all my screens to have sexi information like this ive also write a tp limits script, a param limits script and an equipment script, but none of them are fully finished, because im adding more to them ^_^

i should have an update for most of my scripts sometime next week ,

ALSO im going to change the structure of my stat distribution script, e.g move certain things(like weapons giving vit/str ect) into a seperate add-on script to make it easyer for me to maintain and optimize ^-^

any feedback ?

8 thoughts on “some news

  1. jragyn says:

    Its a good concept, but it still feels limited with only 4 options for raising. Maybe this should be an adaptable 1-??? choices for the player to define inscript as far as stat raising and what they do? Lovely screen layout otherwise. Pretty set of icons too, where’d you fish those up from?

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      I really didnt want to change the amount of stats/options (whatever you want to call them) as the system is based on an mmorpg game and i would rather keep it that way, I *MAY* in the future make an addon for additional stats…

      also the icons are just default icons very slightly modified by me and an artist called “Daisuke”

      NOTE: The iconset will be given out with my next set of updates (sometime next week)

  2. Kuhni says:

    It would still be pretty awesome to have more options available. For example, I’m going to run a system with 6 stats (similiar to Ragnarok Online), so that’d be really cool. Can’t you add some kind of blank stat tables, that you can toggle off/on in the script? Like, you have your 4 stats, then you add a couple more slots to the script, that can be switched on/off at the beginning of the customization section, so you can chose to use more than 4.

  3. Dekita-RPG says:

    ok , so, i was going to write the add-on for 4 more stats the other day, and i just could not think for the life of me, what the fuck to call them, SO
    THE ONLY WAY i will do the add-on for another 4 stats is if someone gives me names that i feel go well with the “feel” of the script
    all i could think of was knowledge lol and i didnt really like that one either :p

    anyway, long story short, if u want me to write the addon give me 4 names for the stats :p ( that obviously arent vit/str/dex/mag of any of the default stat names

  4. Dekita-RPG says:

    yes but, i still have to name them something, like “Vitality” is the name of the stat vit,, you can change the name of “Vitality” but cannot change the name vit, which is used in skill formulaz and the like… so i would still have to call them something lol

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