RPG Maker And ME !

  • I started using rpg maker in the hope of making a very basic little game (like the old school zelda/ final fantasy games)

So far the skills that ive gained by using rpg maker i could easily sit down and make a replica of lets say final fantasy I or II (if i wanted)

Instead i started scripting to make my games even better than what i thought was possible by using RPGM

As well as scripting i like to make my own custom characters and icons ( usually a mod on the default)

In short by using RPGM my dream of making my own game is not only possible its very easily achievable.


  •  Heres a few screenshots of what i managed to achieve using rpg maker ( so far… )

This is a screenshot of my stat point distribution system, a script i wrote (with no previous programming knowledge)


These are some screenshots of an equipment upgrades system that i wrote


Im not really the best person when it comes to wording things but i can tell you this…

RPG Maker is a GREAT program to not only make your own games but for learning how the basics of programming work

and with the right skills i believe you could make a game in ANY game genre


Try it out for yourself…

“Make Your Own Game”

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