10 thoughts on “Perfect Info Core

  1. jragyn says:

    If you have it all on dropbox, why not just link the script from dropbox itself?
    Put it in a *.txt format, and it’d be fully compatible for copy-pasta straight to RGSS3 editor.

  2. Dekita-RPG says:

    got things on my dropbox that i dont want the general public to have access to :p

    e.g my most recent pokemon ace project, some other script demo’s, maybe even some scripts i havent released yet ;p

  3. Chillsta says:

    I copied your core script where it belongs, with your pspds and status menu scripts below.
    But unfortunatelly it seems like it wont load the pspds. I tried to figure out why for several hours which is exhausting, because i am still very new to all of this ^^’
    Would you have any idea why it doesnt work out?

    thx and sry

  4. Chillsta says:

    Sorry, if i cant express myself very well.
    But i mean that the pspds won’t load at all.
    Only with the Core and pspds script (both under materials; first core then pspds) i can start the game and get a “loaded : DPBz – CORE” in the RGSS console, beside that nothing changes.
    If i add the status menu script i get the new status window with grayed out “extra stats” (dex,mag etc.).
    It although shows the “DPBz – Status screen is loaded” in the RGSS console aswell.

    I should add once more how new i am and that this is the first script i try to add. But i did a lot of research and still can not figure it out, which is a bummer, because your stat system is pretty much exactelly what i was looking for ^^’

    Note: I am using the RPG Maker VX Ace

    Once again, i am very sorry to bother you, but i figured i would ask the source 😉
    And thanks a lot for your quick response /cheer

  5. Chillsta says:

    umm.. really sorry (but i am actually pretty happy) to have wasted your time, but it works now.

    Seems i used a better version of the screen when i just now tried to recreate my errors, which solved everything.
    Sorry again to have wasted your time.. ^^’ i didnt mean to troll ^^’


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