Ok so basically ive “finished” the enemy natures / iv’s and levels script (all in one script) and its an add-on for actor natures iv and ev’s.

It basically allows you to notetag map noteboxes with <lv: min, max> and you replace min and max with the min and max level on monster to encounter on that map. whats peoples opinons on the way that this works ? would people preffer that it was based against party level ? its obviously a pokemon script , which is why ive written it the way it is.

edit: the faster that iget the feedback i need the faster this script will be available.


Edit 2 : ive also pretty much finished a script to enable “shiny” (more rare) actors (when adding to party) and enemies (when encountered)

The capture script is comming along slowly, im just updaing it now for compatibility with the shiny script , the same with evolutions.

2 thoughts on “NEED OPINIONS

  1. Tamsynn says:

    I think being done via map name is a good idea but will that mess up the map name display thing (were the map name pops up wen you enter the map)?

  2. Dekita-RPG says:

    nah it doesnt effect the name at all

    Edit: im thinking of maybe tryingto add region tags too, soyou can have it say…
    lv: 1, 1, 5
    meaning that region 1 has a min lvl of 1 and a max lv of 5

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