Pokemon (enemy) Natures

Works like my actor natures script but for enemies , instead of enemies having “ev” points which would be useless for them, they have instead been given levels, that can be set using map notetags, and there is script calls to set fixed battles.

This script requires my actor natures script, that can be found HERE

4 thoughts on “Pokemon (enemy) Natures

  1. mako says:

    hello I would like to know how a command to change the nature of the actor
    actor 1 is “Brave”
    use script: $game_actors[1].nature = 8
    actor 1 became “Hardy”

    thank you

  2. Dekita-RPG says:

    you have to set it before the battle, by doing this script call…

    # replace 8 with the id number of the nature.

    , therefor it will only work for evented battles, not random battles.

    does that help ?

  3. mako says:

    in fact, it is not to capture what I need to change the nature but the actor already have, because I want to make a birth, a system can grow,
    example, if the father is nature “hardy” and mother nature “calm” the baby is nature “Docile”

    with a command like
    $ game_party.add_pokemon (actor_id, level)
    $ game_actors. [17] type = 6

  4. Dekita-RPG says:

    nature_id = Dekita__Pokémon_Nature::Nature[id]
    $game_actors[actor_id].nature = nature_id

    Put that in a script call, replace id with the id of the nature you want, replace actor id with the id of the actor 😀

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