So its been a while since i posted a progress report, so here it is,

The capture system is coming along very nicely, ive found a few faults within it here and there which is why i have delayed in releasing it, im also adding nice graphics for capturing enemies ( spinning pokeballs ) but i may make that an addon incase anyone doesnt want to use it 🙂

The evolution script has made no progress simply because of all the fuckin pokeballs ive had to make :p

ive also had to make the core script quite a bit bigger to support the features that a few of the scripts will need to use, things like weight, type, species gender … that kind of thing, which i didnt really want to do incase it reduces compatibility but theres nothing else that could really be done, i making a pokemon system , not a pokemon system thats 100% compatibile with every single other system so thats that lol anyway, i should have a few scripts to release soon enough.
also i decided, im not going to complete a full pokedex, because if i did i would have to complete all classes actors and enemies along with all skills and everything like that, i would basically have to complete the database, and im not doing that, simple ! so i decided if people want a bigger database they can contribute to the project, the more help iget with it then the more time iwill have for completing the database and such like things.

i mean im not gonna do it myself so other people can instantly go and make a game…

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