As you may have noticed i havent posted any script for a few weeks, the reason for this is simple… Christmas is coming up and ive been saving them up for then…

Heres a little list of what to expect from me (i will upload on Cristmas Eve / Day)

1 – Real Time Menu Window ( for the hell of it ),
2 – Real Time Game Tinting (as a time script is needed for certain pokeballs),
3 – Splash Screen (why not…),
4 – NEW Pokemon Ace Demo.

The 3 Scripts are completely standalone, and if anyone is wondering yes they are part of the pokemon system ive been writing.

The Pokemon Ace Demo has had ALOT done to it, including status screen for pokemon, allowing captured enemies to be renamed upon entering the party, hold items, some battle system mechanics, EPIC title screen (wait till you see) and much much more (mostly bug fixes though).

AND BEST OF ALL, the Pokemon Ace Demo will be 100% ENCRYPTED so your still gonna have to wait for the scripts to be released MWAHAHAH ^_^

but its always fun to see how things are progressing :p

edit: also on Thursday i broke the 10,000 views mark for this blog,  so HUGE thanks to ALL the people who are using the scripts i have written . I hope your enjoying using them as much as i am writing them 🙂

2 thoughts on “NEWS !!

  1. Dekita-RPG says:

    so i finnally got round to downloading those sprites and i have to say thank you,
    i also must mention that they somehow look different from the pokemon sprites ? maybe a little pixelated or something ? also Hyde has already given me tons of pokemon images that look as if they where made specifially for rpg maker ( those are the ones in the demo i done )

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