Pokemon Ace Demo

Well, as promised here is a “demo” of how my pokemon project is going, there are a few things i would like to mention before you test it.

1 – most of it is very unfinished right now, alot of the scenes have been taken out for this demo as they simply havent had enough done to them yet.

2 – alot of the scenes that ihave left are still not finished, things like trainer info and pokemon status screen. the reason for this is simply that a fwe other scripts have to be written to generate the information i will be using to fill up the windows.

3 – its very buggy right now.

feel free to comment (good or bad)


edit: heres a small list of the scripts / features I have coded so far…

exp growth,
level limits,
hold items,
trainer levels (rank)
actor achievements (rank system),
party wipe feature
capture system,
capture pokeballs,
capture effects(not finished)
ALL damage calculations ( almost finished)

the rest are all menus and shit like that, and obviously i have the epic title screen :p

8 thoughts on “Pokemon Ace Demo

  1. Tamsynn says:

    seams to work ok (needs a storage system though lol)
    but found a bug that happens if u make the enemy ‘faint’

    Script ‘Trainer Levels’ line 218: NoMethodError occurred.

    undefined method ‘trainer_rep’ for #

  2. Dekita-RPG says:

    thanks for pointing out that bug, i have fixed it and am re-uploading the demo.

    the storage system is a simple thing to set up, the only reason i havent done it yet is because im still writing scripts for actor features. like evolutions and such like things. but its an easy one so il probably do it pretty soon :p

  3. Tamsynn says:

    theres a slight bug with items eg using masterball II if i select the item from the bag highlight the pokemon but then cancel the game seams to freeze

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      was this in the old demo i uploaded ? or was it while using my capture scripts ?
      i assume the demo as you posted it here, so i will look into that but im sure it doesnt happen with the current version i have :p

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