Pokemon CORE

This is simply a “core” script to house some things ill need for some other
pokemon related scripts i will do.

The following scripts require this and should be placed below this script.

Pokemon Capture,
Pokemon Evolution,

This script creates the following features

ACTORS: (and enemies)

SCRIPT << Last updated 15/01/2013

7 thoughts on “Pokemon CORE

  1. johnseed says:

    hello I have a bug when I use the script “Pokemon core” with the script “Yanfly Engine Ace – Party System v1.08”
    the launch of a new game it gives the error exists
    Script ‘Game_Map’ line196: NoMethodError occurred.
    undefined methode ‘display_name’ for nil:NilClass


  2. Dekita-RPG says:

    You shouldnt have an error for there, at least not caused by this, this script doesnt touch anything with maps, are you sure those are the only two scripts in the project ?
    Also, what order do you have the scripts ?

  3. okk says:

    I am having the same issue as johnseed, an error when using Pokemon Core in conjunction with Yanfly’s Party System. Have you found a solution for this?

      1. okk says:

        Thank you for replying! I’m glad that there is still some online help for RMVXA scripts.
        I uploaded a little test project that shows the error:

        I actually have a few other concerns about the Pokemon Capture script that I’d like to ask:

        -I commented out line 240: “_GA.change_level(_GT.level, false)” because it yielded undefined method errors.

        -Possibly related to the above, is there a way to modify the level of a pokemon when adding it, to allow catching the same species at different levels?

        -Is there a way to add pokemon to the party by event?

        -Are there special requirements for releasing a Pokemon, or can I simply remove it from the party? Also, what if I want to temporarily remove a pokemon, eg. if it is put in the day care?

        -Did you ever release a script for evolving Pokemon? Modifying or replacing a Pokemon could work but I would like to try to dig up a script for learning skills from items (TMs) and I am concerned about carrying these over.

        -The script requires a snippet for modifying the save file. Have you ever tested it for compatibility with Yanfly’s Save System?

        Thanks again for helping me out with this.

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