RealTime Effects

This script replicates the time system from pokemon,
e.g in game time is determined by real life time.

This script enables screen tint changes according to real time,
not only that is can change weather effects, $game_switches, $game_variables,
trigger common events and even your own custom “time” effects.
You can set up different seasons (as many as you want)
You can give each month its own unique season if you wish, turning on
different swicthes and controling different variables on a month to month

now you can simply control a switch / a variable / the weather / Screen Tint
and whatever else you can code in realtime with minimal effort.

Khas Awesome Light Effects,(change advanced lighting effects using real time)
MOG Weather EX, (change mog weather effects using real time)


other features will be available with the use of other pokemon style scripts
e.g Capture add-on : Pokeball Effects ^_^

SCRIPT LINK  updated on 01/01/2o13

7 thoughts on “RealTime Effects

  1. imel says:

    I asked for the script to the time and date on this site
    And they took me blog
    Already have the appropriate script that I need
    If you have time see the previous link
    The problem is that I want a solution is the emergence of history at the screen and menu
    And you mentioned in your program
    “2. You are NOT allowed to repost this script. (Or modified versions)”

    Can you help me if you have the time
    The real time mode displays all the characteristics of time, weather and lighting
    And especially the question of the year and 30 and 31 days of the month and the problem of February 29 of every 4 years

    1. imel says:

      Thank you for this wonderful scripts
      And I am a fan of features a Pokemon games
      And especially amazing versions of Ruby, Sapher and Emerald
      Thank you brother

  2. Mitchell aka Audrey says:

    What if I wanted the time effects but didn’t want to use real time, I wanted to use a time variable that I manually have raise/pause and slow/speed up?
    Would you help me configure it that way? I love the effects of this script but I was wanting to be able to control the passage of time myself.

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      that would be a whole lot of changing to make the script work that way.. it would just be easier to re-write the script, which im afraid i have no interest in doing , sorry

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