New News

Ive obviousy been very busy over the festive period, i have managed to update a few scripts and write a few new ones ( not released ) overall im about 20-25% towards finishing the major scripts for the pokemon script pack thing. and i will release an updated encrypted demo later in the month ( maybe next month ) for people to see how its going.

If anyone has any features to request for any of the scripts i have already written (pokemon or other ) now would be the time to ask or i will move on with more pokemon scripts and forget :p

if anyones wonderingi updated my pokemon core, capture effects and real time effects scripts.

2 thoughts on “New News

  1. Dekita-RPG says:

    im not sure whether i want to allow for than two types, i always likes the idea of having three type pokemon, like charizard would be Fire/Dragon/Flying, but i dunno, just not sure :p

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