14 thoughts on “Animated Map Name

  1. Dekita-RPG says:

    i actually got given them by Hyde who has been helping my pokemon ace project with graphics since it started really 🙂

    i have an update for this script i will post tomorow , just putting some finishing touches on it. but it allows for loads of new effects… like spinning letters , sliding letters and much much more …

  2. Cliff says:

    I don’t have any map name-related scripts in my project, but it does quickly fade in the map name when I step into a door (before the fade) and then again as it should after the fadein.

    Wait, I remember I have a little snippet in it that sets fade time to 30 frames, but I dunno if that’s the culprit.

  3. Dekita-RPG says:

    you mean it increases the transition time by 30 frames ? i have a similar script that causes that so i included the option “Delay_Timer = 30” (default) make this higher and you shouldnt have any issue, if you do a copy of this snippet would be great andi can fix it 🙂

    ALSO i updated this to v1.1 and included a small bug fix ( a typo on line 200 something) and another 26 effects as well as a ridiculous amount of notetags to make each maps “map name window” unique in size, effect, icon, font, everything…

    1. Caveras says:

      Doesn’t happen with your updated version anymore! Alas, it also doesn’t automatically hide the default map name anymore (but maybe you included an option to activate or deactivate that in your update, I didn’t check.)

      The script I used for the fade time changes is this one: http://pacmanvx.wordpress.com/2012/02/08/change-fade-time/

      I have it set to 60 frames (believe the default was 30, yes?).

      Anyway, hiding the default map name display isn’t a problem, so thanks for the update and the many additions! =)

      1. Caveras says:

        Edit: Just noticed that this script only accounts for the event command fadeins and outs, so you better just ignore my comment here hehe =)

  4. Dekita-RPG says:

    The default name should be hidden, make sure this script is at the bottom of your list and
    Remove_Default_Name_Window = true
    Very first customisation option

    I think this was all ? im sleepy so forgive me if i missed anything lol

    1. Parthanandix says:

      Just letting you know that there is an error on line 289 – 295 . After Font_Name[0] = [ <this bracket and the one after the font names shouldn't be there.

      1. Dekita-RPG says:

        yes, it should.
        that makes each font name defined as an array, if the first font does not exsist (on players cpu) it will use the next one, and so on.
        The reason you are getting an error if from the + Font.default_name
        which follows this piece of code.
        simply place a # before the + and it will fix this issue.

        I also have an update to release for this that fixes this issue, when i get time :p

  5. Nio kasgami says:

    Hello Dekita I use your map script…but i don’t find how to don’t show a map icon or map name in a specific map ._. sorry I tried but is doesn’t work can you help me?

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