Pokemon Ace Progress

So i figured i would post a progress report on my pokemon project.

I will upload a new demo once i  have some more things fixed the way i want 🙂

Current Script List + Progress ( % completed )

Poke CORE ~ 80%
Window CORE ~ 100% (snippet)

Pokemon Ace Title ~ 100%

Splash Screen ~ 100%
Game Settings ~ 20-30%

Natures/IV’s/EV’s ~ 100%
Natures/IV’s/EV’s::Enemy Natures/IV’s/Lv’s ~ 100%
Exp Growth ~ 100%
Level Limits ~ 100%
Shinies ~ 100%
Evolution ~ 10-15%
Hold Items ~ 1% (only implemented the basic hold item feature)
Trainer Rank ~ 90% (just a few things left to fix)
Actor Achievements ~ 60-70%
Notebox Thing ~ 100% (useless script, gives enemies an actors notebox)
Skills ~ 50%

Party Wipe ~ 100%
Party Log ~ 10% (unsure whether to finish this)

Battle HUD ~ 50%
Capture ~ 100%
Capture::Pokeball Effects ~ 100%
Capture::Pokeball Graphics ~ 50%
Battle Mechanics ~ 30%
^-Damage Calc (Types) ~ 100%
^-Damage Calc (Buffs) ~ 10%
^-Game_Party (Summon Pokemon) ~ 80% (Integrated into battle system)
Battle Windows ~ 60%
Scene_Battle – 30-35%
Battle Weather ~ 100%
Battle Transitions ~ 100%

Pokemon Menu ~ 80%
Pokemon Status ~ 70-80%
Trainer Info ~ 60%
Real Time Menu Window ~ 100%
Status Animation BG ~ 100% (not being used)
Trainer Animation BG ~ 100% (not being used)

Real-Time Effects ~ 100%
Fog System ~ 80%
Map Name Window ~ 100%
Debug Functions ~ 100%
Event Vision ~ 100%

Show FPS On Game Start ~ 100%
Limit Saves ~ 100%
Walking Graphic ~ 100%
Save Data Requirement ~ 100%
Remove Actor On Death ~ 100% (not being used)


6 thoughts on “Pokemon Ace Progress

  1. Dekita-RPG says:

    yea im getting there, im unsure whether to start working on the battle system more or not :p
    reason i havent yet is because of the skills that i would have to database first, and i hate databasing , and theres over 500 skills… lol

    but yea i will be releasing a new demo soon-ish :p

    also, i have made the screen resolution 512×320 i feel it makes it seem more pokemon-y and i think imay keep the view that way… not sure yet though as if i do i would be writing all the visual scripts to go with that resolution . and of course some people may not want that resolution:p

    1. Minu says:

      you really should working on the battle system…
      I mean that’s not a pokemon battle system…
      i just hope you can do this,,,,

      1. hyde9318 says:

        Not to be rude, but with everything he has been doing for this project, I think he has earned the right to do whatever script he wants to. He has completely rebuilt the in-game mechanics of pokemon pretty much from scratch so that battle damage and all stats work as they should. That by itself is simply amazing as it is NOT an easy task. So in the end, he will get to the battle system, but don’t tell him that is what he should be working on. What he is doing right now is the basis of the battle system, the scripts that are much more important in the long run. What good is having a battle system that looks like pokemon if it doesn’t even play like pokemon?
        Again, sorry if I come off as rude, but this is his wordpress. He is a close friend of mine and I have seen him do nothing but work on this project for months now. Give him some time and I am sure he will completely blow your mind with this.

  2. Dekita-RPG says:

    the reason it doesnt look like a pokemon battle system (yet) is because so far ,i have had to create all the mechanics behind pokemon battles.
    such as type, weight, height, genders, abilities(not fully done yet)
    not to mention the ability for a pokemon to be summoned, changed in battle, normal skills to be used from the actor menu instead of a skill menu, speed priority, various skill features such as random buff , buff levels, absorb percentages ……

    i think you get the idea :p
    I WILL be making it look more pokemon-y when i get everything else sorted enough that all the major mechanics work…

    really a pokemon battles “looks” are simple enough to set up, its just a case of two battlers on screen, an actor, an enemy,, two little patches of grass/dirt/sand ect and a background image…

    to me all those mechanics mentioned above are more important 😀

  3. kain says:

    I was wandering if any of the scripts had the pokemon battle system, you know, send out the first one in your party then when that dies switch it. if you have that script it would be great

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