5 thoughts on “FOG

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      i have no idea why thats happening as the update method is not even called unless you have set it to show in battle.
      also, line 321 should be ” @fog_a_y += @fog_a_sy / 128.0 if @fog_a_loop_y ”
      which also is not calling any kind of update method.

      are you using any scripts that may be conflicting with this one ? if yes, move the position of my script above / below untill it works as there really shouldnt be any faults.
      let me know how that goes 🙂

      1. pinkapinkie says:

        Actually, i get the error in the spriteset_battle script, not yours. I also tried put the script in a fresh project, but its still the same error. Also, i get it only if i set the fog to not appear in battle and i have a fog running in the map.
        Line 321 of spriteset_battle is this one: @back1_sprite.update

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