Actor Effects

This script allows you to trigger various things at times that are usually
outwith a developers control,  you can trigger various effects such as …
control game switches,
control game variables,
trigger common events,
change party gold,
and whatever else you can code with minimal effort.

examples of why you may want to do this…

an actor dies and increases a certain variable…
an actor escapes but it costs 50 gold…
an actor learns a skill and it triggers a common event, if skill is id X…
an actor reaches level 25 so you want to reward them with extra gold…
an actor changes class and it controls a custom effect you coded..
– this effect could be *almost* any other script call from other scripts
– Note ~ *almost*
– Note 2 ~ some script calls would not be wise to use with this script
~ use common sense..



Effect Blocks Script Link


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