So, i have just about caught up with all the work i lost when my pc crashed last week.

I WILL be uploading some screenshots before next week, as quite simply i shouldve done it last month 🙂

I am also getting ready to release another pokemon ace demo, ( still not fully implimented trainers because i lost weeks worth of work ) but when i do i will be uploading a demo for people to try out…

That being said.. I am unsure whether to release an unencrypted demo or not…

Reason being, im sure it would help with bug finding ect if i did release an unencrypted version BUT i dont really want people to have access to my unfinished scripts, as some of them took a ridiculous time to figure out and code.. for example ALL battle mechanics have been re-wrote to make them work pokemon-y 😀

opinions ?


3 responses

  1. Tamsynn

    well i guess if its unencrypted then in a way it would protect your work as ppl could then see that it was originally your work and act upon it (im assuming vxace encryption can be reversed like the others) and as you say it would help bug fixing and compatibility issues. now trying to think of benefits of a demo with encryption and the only one i can think of is that it may stop people stealing your work which im guessing will be available to the community eventually anyway

    February 19, 2013 at 17:22

  2. If you want us to test the actual quality of game, then keep it encrypted. If you want to let us view the scripts and take a gander at the making of, then leave it unencrypted. It’s really up to you based on what you want.

    February 19, 2013 at 17:24

  3. @Tamsynn
    Thats a good point, ifi upload an unencrypted copy, then that is the proof i wrote X script,
    Also yes it is 100% possible to open up encrypted projects and treat them as your own project , editing everything including scripts and gaining access to the graphics…
    Thats one of the reasons i havent uploaded an updated pkmn demo in a while..
    Didnt want my work being stolen…
    Also, yes the complete pokemon ace project will eventually be uploaded un-encrypted for the community.

    @ jragyn
    Quality of the game is irrelevant, Quality of the scripts is what i need to know, and how easy it is to set up your own pokemon game using the scripts i have written..
    I mean, the pokemon ace project is not going to be made into a completed game, its basically a starter kit for people to go and make their own pkmn fan games.
    I will also be making a different game ( pkmn fan game ) with some others, using the scripts from the pokemon ace kit when its finished

    February 19, 2013 at 17:30

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