RMC :: Ping

Presenting, my first script for the RMC, its a great little minigame known as PiNG (pong remake)

New Screen :


the script can be downloaded in this months release from the RMC, which can be found


Update HERE

have fun :p



“if you make this any better, then I may have a nerd stroke.”


Detika– Seriously?! PONG! OMFG! Yes! There goes more hours gone…<3 it!”

4 thoughts on “RMC :: Ping

  1. Dekita-RPG says:

    yea hyde done a great job. kind of makes me wish i has each letter in that style, then i could make all lettering look epic . seems a bit much to ask hyde for a complete alphabet though so i think il just have to live with it lol

  2. ant4505 says:

    Hi ,Good script. I found a “bug” when I run the game in the title (your first image) my native BGM play ,when I after playing the game in the title the BGM song was off ! and when I quit the game the native song was off too. why I wrote bug with “” its because for person who want just to play(like your Demo) there no problem but For person like me who want your mini game has a Part of his RPG game this can call a bug. I made a fast video(using my New Gopro ,you can see my older one and Prometheus blu-ray also my cool speaker FAIL!!!) this sound of the video is the most important : https://www.mixturecloud.com/media/6nISSq63

    p.s its a free game only for me my familly and friends its why I use some song who I didnt have the copyright and sorry if its in french but I said before the sound is the most important
    Finally, if you could send me a version or (include has update ) the fix of this bug like the Invader Mini Game – Version 1.2 from Galv.

    if you want a version,(when I finish the Developement) I can give you but this will free,in french ,and non-commercial. I used your autosave too its very good so I can say your script make my game better 😀

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