Terms && Conditions

# ☆ TERMS AND CONDITIONS ☆ #================================================================
# 1. You MUST give credit to “Dekita” !!
# 2. You are NOT allowed to repost any of my scripts script.(or modified versions)
# 3. You are NOT allowed to convert any of my scripts. (into other languages or game engines eg RGSS 2)
# 4. You are NOT allowed to use any of my scripts for Commercial games. (or any game that generates ANY kind of Profit)
# 5. ENJOY!
# By using my scripts you hereby agree to the above terms and conditions,
#  if any violation of the above terms occurs “legal action” may be taken.
# Not understanding the above terms and conditions does NOT mean that
#  they do not apply to you.
# If you wish to discuss the terms and conditions in further detail you can
# contact me at https://dekitarpg.wordpress.com/
All my scripts are under this license

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