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What is RMC?

The RM Coalition is a group of RPG Maker users who just like to make art, whether it be in the form of graphics or in the form of music, all is accepted here. Our group creates RM resources for fun, and now we would like to start giving back to the community for being so supportive.

What will RMC be doing?

The RM Coalition already is full of members who like to make RM resources. What we hope to do is periodically release small packages of free resources, ready to be used in your games. Some of these resources will be available to be used commercially, some of them will not, it will solely depend on the artist who creates the resource. With each package, you will get a Terms and Conditions document that goes over what in that particular package is able to be used commercially, and what isn’t, so everything will be clear.

Remember though that the coalition does include members who do behind the scenes work and who do not always have to contribute to the main packages. Note though that they do all work within the group and that they are all important to the cause.

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The RMC – Main Site

The RMC – Forum Page

The RMC – Soundcloud


Scripts I Have Done For The RMC :


— This script creates a mini-game that heavily replicates the classic retro game
— PONG. It has been designed to have “that retro feel”.


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