$D13x – Skill Scene

# ☆ Introduction
# This script overwrites the default skill screen for a more informative one.
# Plug-N-Play.
# Requires $D13x Core Script v 1.1+


in the screenshots i have 350/300 HP . This is not a fault of this script, i did (at the time of the screenshot) have 350/300 HP (dont ask :p)

Script Link

Requires $D13x Core << LiNK

23 thoughts on “$D13x – Skill Scene

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      thats a strange one, it definitely should not happen and is probably a small bug, i will look into that when i get some time (probably the weekend)

  1. icecluster92 says:

    Hey Dekita,

    Can you help me out with this little bug? All the windows seem to be displaced.
    What can I do to fix this? My game’s running in 640×480.

    All your other scenes are running perfectly, just the skill scene does this weird thing.

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      hmm, i have no idea right now what that could be, but i will test with a 480 height later tonight and see whats up , thanks for reporting that 🙂

      1. Antony says:

        hi! there’s a minor visual bug with the skill scene, even in your demo. When you have a skill you can use on the menu, like the HEAL TEST skill in your demo, the window on the left is always over the character selection screen. just reporting the bug :p

      2. icecluster92 says:

        Hey, I’m sorry to bother you again, but I’d really love to use this script, so I just wanted to ask, if you found out, what causes the problem and maybe how it can be fixed.

      3. Dekita-RPG says:

        havent had time to check yet. in the middle of moving house and it could be a few weeks before i get things sorted 😦 i will let you know when i have checked the issue 🙂

  2. Legion says:

    This does not work. I am constantly getting error on line 614:

    # Draw Attack Status’
    def draw_atk_statuss(x,y,val1,val2)
    y += line_height
    text = “Inflicts #{$data_states[val1].name} #{sprintf(“%1.0f%%”, val2*100)}”
    draw_text(x, y, @wid, line_height, text)
    return y

    That .name part is tripping the error. This happens when only the Core and Skill Scene are present.

      1. Legion says:

        This is the error, word for word.

        Script ‘>d13 – Skill Scene’ line 614: NoMethodError occurred.
        undefined method ‘name’ for nil: NilClass.

        It happens just with the core and this one. I go to the menu, click skill, select Eric, and then Special, then the error pops up. This is with everything default on a brand new game.

  3. icecluster92 says:

    Hey, I found the solution to the bug I was facing with the placement of the windows.
    It wasn’t caused by the resolution, but by an incompatibility with Yanfly’s Menu Engine Script, which could be solved by commenting out line 485 to line 527.

    Which began with:
    # ■ Scene_Skill

    And I found out what’s causing Ricardo’s problem with missdrawn text. I tried to comment out the lines which draw the skill level, since they’re causing an error when you don’t have the skill level script. But if commented out, it destroyes the placement of the other drawn information.

    Hope this will be helpful to you.

  4. Dekita-RPG says:

    @ Legion, the script is trying to find a (attack) state that doesnt exsist in the database, it really shouldnt happen with a brand new game soi will test that out more later today when i have more time ^_^

    @icecluster92 thanks for taking the time to look at issues (for u and others) this info will help me in fixing the problems, just to clarify, was it my script or yanflys u commented lines out ?

    1. icecluster92 says:

      The Scene_Skill section I commented out was in Yanfly’s script.

      The lines with the skill level were in your script, obviously. If in there, you must have the skill level script, if commented out the lines overlay, like in Ricardo’s screenshot.

      Hope this helps you.

  5. Zephyr says:

    The two skills causing this are Strong Attack and Cleave from a new game. Both use Add State Normal Attack 100%, which is what the default attack skill appears to use.

    Maybe that is the problem. That those weren’t meant to be used on any skill other than the default Attack one?

    By removing that, there is no error. However, I have overlapping text on the top line.
    It has an icon and the skill name first, then on top of that is written HP Damage.

  6. Rhaidor says:

    Hello ! I have a grafikal bug with this and the equip scene script.


    The equip scene problem is, the name and icon of the equipped item cover the ” Item type ” .
    Maybe these are problem with the Yanfly Ace Menu System? Is there solution , or only if i delete the Yanfly sript?

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      How are the two scripts placed?
      Is Yanflys or mine first in the list?
      you should try moving them around to see if it raises compatibility. You would be surprised how often this works 😀

      I think it would work fine as long as my script is below yanflys. if not, I will have to look into that :p

      1. Rhaidor says:

        Tried every possible combination, but didnt worked. But its ok, i removed the Yanfly Menu Engine , i dont needed it anyway. But, for me dostn looks so nice as on your screen shots, it need some other script , or the problem is at my scripts somewhere ,what influences it?

        But the equip problem is still on, and appears even in the status scene.


        ( Sorry if i had posted this under your other scripts )

  7. Dekita-RPG says:

    Oh sorry I misunderstood the issue.

    You would have to manually change the width of the box for equip type names. I cant check right now what line that is as I am VERY busy this month.

    I would recommend using equip type names less than 5 characters long. All mine where 4, Hand, Head, Body, Legs & Feet. Hope that helps somewhat.

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