Skill Proficiency

# ☆ Introduction
# This script simply allows the creation of “proficiency skills”
# This means that you can create skills that increase the Damage you deal
# when using a certain weapon, a skill with a certain element
# or a skill with a certain type.
# eg.
# Axe Mastery Skill, increases Axe Weapon Damage by 0.10 (10%)
# Sword Mastery Skill, increase sword damage by 0.50 (50%)
# Fire Mastery Skill, increase all fire skill damage by 0.1365 (13.65%)
# Magic Mastery Skill, increase all Magic Type Skills Damage…
# If using the $D13x – skill levels script, the “proficiency value”
# that the skill has been given will be the base value,
# multiplied by the skills level DMG Multi.
# These “Proficiency Skills” DO NOT effect Enemeies.

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11 thoughts on “Skill Proficiency

  1. Cyg says:

    This is a really great idea, but I keep getting the same error:
    Script ‘Proficiency (Dekita)’ line 117: NameError occurred.

    undefined method ‘load_stat_control’ for class ‘RPG::Skill’

    This isn’t a conflict problem with another script because a vanilla copy gets this issue as well.

  2. xaigoth says:

    ok i been looking at it and there is a flaw…… well i havnt found out how to any way….. but you cant for some reason make a passive skill for say 1H-swords only gain exp when equiped with a 1H-Sword is this possible or will it be in the future?

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      1h ? 1 Handed ?

      This seems like a flaw with the skill levels script rather than this one, even though they both utilize each other.
      Also, its only a flaw if you are trying to do something like what your doing. I do agree it is a problem as I myself would be using these scripts in this way !!

      I think a suitable solution would be to simply add a new exp gain method in the skill levels script customization.. something like…

          :per_use => 1,
          :per_dmg => 0,
          :per_bat => 1,
          :per_die => 0,
          :per_esc => 0,
          :dmg_deal => "1",
          :dmg_take => "0",
          :weapon_id_equipped => [ weapon_id, exp_gained]
          :armor_id_equipped    => [ armor_id, exp_gained]
        } # << Keep

      that also then raises the issue of how often does this exp become gained for these new methods ?

      I think the most suitable frequency would be each time that particular weapon is used.

      Oooooohhhhhh, could even go with something like…

          :weapon_id_equipped => [ weapon_id, exp_gained, :frequency]
          :armor_id_equipped    => [ armor_id, exp_gained, :frequency]
        } # << Keep

      where ” :frequency ”
      could be like :each_battle, :each_physical_atk, :each_magic_atk, :each_heal_used and so on…..

      That opens a whole new range of possibilities 🙂
      Any thoughts on that ?

  3. Nyne says:

    😦 Nooooo! I think I’m gonna cry. Thanks anyway and good luck with that Indie Contest your entry is great

  4. RPG Maker Fan says:

    hi dekita, i have a problem regarding the D13x – Proficiency (Skill) script for RMVXA. so i put the script below D13x – Statictic control. the Elemental proficiency works fine, but there is problem with Weapon proficiency. whenever i create a skill with notetag somehow it increase all kind of output damage (from weapon, elemental, including Healing skill). in example:
    (wep prof: 1, 0.1) // i use () , because the sharp one won’t show up
    mean: increase weapon ID 1 by 10%.
    and it increase the output damage of all skill including elemental magic and healing.
    i even use the D13x – Core Script in fresh project, but the problem still persist.

    – D13x – Core (v2.7)
    – D13x – Statistic Control (v1.8)
    – D13x – Proficiency Skill (v1.1)

    thank in advance.

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