$D13x Damage Tracker

# ☆ Introduction
# This Script allows variables to track the overall damage actors have taken
# and the overall damage actors have dealt to enemies.
# Each point of damage an actor takes/deals will be added onto a set variable.
# Does not account for heals of any kind !!
# Why you may want to use this :
# Maybe a healing skill that heals based on the damage you take during gameplay.
# Maybe a clan that only allows warriors who have been through harsh battles ?
# Maybe you want to combine this script with my $D13x – Learn Skill Requirements
# To make certain skills only available after taking/dealing x amount of damage…
# The list goes on :p

3 thoughts on “$D13x Damage Tracker

  1. SimplestChaos says:

    Ok so the only problem I’ve seen with it so far is that if the enemy has only 1 HP, for example, and the attack being used deals damage that’s more than 1 HP, then it’ll count all the extra damage.
    I’m not sure if I’ll even be using that feature in my game but just letting you know, so that others can get the best out of it. :3

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