$D13x Title

# ☆ Introduction
# This is a simple title screen script.
# It allows for multiple Backgrounds, a graphic logo and graphic commands.
# This script allows for a randomly generated logo to be displayed
# with a hue value, also allows each background and command graphic
# to be displayed using the chosen logo’s hue value.


6 thoughts on “$D13x Title

  1. Ricardo Simões says:

    hi dekita. I need to ask something, is it possible to add custom commands to the title screen?
    I’m trying to use CSCA Autosave, but naturally the autosave command doesn’t work. I tried to mess down a little but without results. So can you tell me if it is simple to add the autosave command?
    Thing is I don’t want to let go your title screen because it can show the default screen images with cute ffects and I want to switch them through the game :p

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      yes its very possible to add / modify the visible commands.
      the title script simple allows for graphics to be shown for each of the available commands…
      if you have a script to add more commands (autosave) then those commands would automatically be added (make sure my script is below any others) all you have to do is position the graphics.
      like this (within the Commands array in customization)
      [“Commands/Autosave” , 220, true, 112, 1.00] ,
      and obviously you need a graphic for showing.

      if you still have problems give me a link to the autosave script and i will do a small snippet to allow for adding commands 🙂

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