$D13x – MMO Style Regen

# ☆ Introduction
# This script adds a MMO style regeneration method into the game.
# Each second you (all battle members) will regenerate hp/mp/tp according
# to the formulas within this script. Can also enable for enemies.
# you can have extra regen bonuses for holding down a key
# and disable all regen unless a key is being pressed.
# The default formulas will allow for more hp to be regenerated based on
# the actors max hp, but you can make the formula check whatever actor stats
# you want, for example, you could easily base the regen method against
# an actors equipment or skills… ( << needs coding know-how )
# This script requires my $D13x Core, therefor most keyboard keys are available
# as the “Regen” key. (By default its the ‘R’ Key)

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