$D13x Teleport

# ☆ Introduction
# This script enables a reasonably animated teleportation scene.
# Each teleport location can cost gold.
# Easy script calls to add/remove each teleport location and
# disable/enable each available teleport location.
# This script also replicates the “Search” feature from FF10.
# This feature allows the player to “search” the map for specific co-ordinates,
# if certain co-ordinates are found it will activate/enable a new
# location.
# Remember. This script needs images to function.
# NOTE: You MUST!! have at least 1 telepoprt location available before calling
# the teleport scene. the easiest way of doing this is to add a teleport before
# calling the scene.
# If party already has a location it cannot be re-added and will be ignored.


Remember to place images in the Graphics > System folder of your game project.

5 thoughts on “$D13x Teleport

  1. Rhaidor says:

    Hello !
    Is it possible to have more ” maps ” ? I mean : For Kingdom 1 there is a teleportation scene , the player need to get by foot to Kingdom 2 and it has his own tel.scene wuith own locations

  2. Sixth says:

    Ahoy, Dekita!

    I wanted to ask a question…

    Is there any reason for using a plane instead of a sprite for the map image?
    I have many problems with planes because of the resolution breaker dll or script (no matter which one I use).
    So, I changed the plane to a sprite.
    I haven’t changed anything else with the map image (aside from the position of it). Can I get some problems by doing this or there should be no errors?
    So far it is working, but I don’t want to run into unexpected problems, and I don’t really know what is the difference between sprites and planes, so I can’t really test it for every possible conflicts.

    Thanks for your time and for the great scripts you make!

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      ok umm..

      First of all, use the dll provided in the link below ith Fenix fyre X’s plane fix (place the plane script above ALL other custom scripts. (the fenix fyre plane script is alos linked to in that threads first page.)

      That will solve all issues you have with planes – i use planes alot and use that setup and all works flawlessly 🙂

      Thinking back, I cant remember why I made it a plane… Something about using a larger world map image and continuous scrolling…
      Anyway, there should be no issues by simply changing Plane.new to sprite.new (for this script) as planes are just sprites that loop continuously. 🙂

      Hope this helps, and again, you should use the dll and scripts provided in the link above for fullscreen res 🙂

  3. Sixth says:

    Ohh, I tought I will get a notification when a reply is posted here if I subscribe. >.>
    Sorry for the late response!

    I use the same dll with Fenix’s plane fix script as well, but when I enter the teleport scene, it gives me an error immediately.
    I also use Zeus’s fullscreen script too, if that matters at all.

    It was a long time ago when I tested this teleport script (around half a year ago), and back then, I made a comment at the ‘Plane.new’ line so that I can remember that it got some issues. Then I solved that somehow (did something in Mithran’s graphical object debugger script, can’t remember what, unfortunately).
    And now when I finally reached the point of really using the teleport scene in my story-line, I encountered this error.

    The error directs me to the plane fix script, line 181: `bitmap=’: undefined method `width’ for nil:NilClass, NoMethodError (backtace says it comes from line:169:in `viewport=’ in the plane fix script).
    I also made a full backtace of the error, and it leads to your script (after the above mentioned lines), in the ‘make_map_img’ definition, specifically to this line: @map_img.viewport = @map_view.
    As soon as I change the Plane.new to Sprite.new, it works flawlessly.

    My (relevant) script order:
    Zeus’s Full Screen
    Fenix’s Plane Fix
    Your Teleport System
    Mithran’s gobj Debugger

    The plane fix indeed solves all my plane issues, except this one.
    My battle scene uses a lot of planes, yet no errors pop up there.

    Anyway, it works with sprite too, so it doesn’t really matter anymore to me, just wondered if it will cause any problems or not.
    It may as well be some incompatibilities with some other scripts I am using (thou I can’t seem to find any other script which would modify anything relevant in any scripts mentioned above).

    Thanks for the answer, and sorry for this big wall of text! 😀

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