$D13x ISPDS Preview


Lately i have written a new script for the $D13x Engine, the ISPDS (Insane Stat Point Distribution System)

This new script has MANY features taken from my old Perfect Stat distribution System…

However, Even though it has similar features, be under no illusions, the ISPDS is FAR superior…

First of all, Here is a screenshot…

As You can see, you can now distribute Elements as well as ALL Statistics.

The way the ISPDS handles stat modifications is Highly complex and unique.

Fully Lag Free (when performing stat calculations).

Insane control over character growth.

And above all else, FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE !!


Obviously this script is not yet been released, but it will be soon enough.

I have created this post for people to suggest features that i may have overlooked, or if you want to ask if this system has the capability for a certain feature…


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