$D13x – Battle Rows

# ☆ Introduction
# This script creates “Battle Rows”.
# Most people should know what this feature is, as its a very well known
# aspect of most RPG games..
# For people who dont know..
# Battle Rows allow you to have different rows while in battle..
# EG. front row / middle row / back row, typically if you are in the front row
# your damage output will be higher, but so will the damage recieved.
# middle row damage is normal for both damage dealt and recived.
# Back row damage (recieved & dealt) is reduced.
# A new command will be added to the actor command battle window,
# This command will change your current row position.
# You can only change your row position while in battle.
# Basically, this allows for slightly more tactical thinking while in battles.
# The only way to change your row is in battle.
# If you can design a “good looking” screen for changing rows / formation
# during the menu screen, i will happily add that feature into the script.
# The reason i have not already implemented the ability to change row via menu
# is because i could not think of how i wanted to place the information..
# If you wish to take up this task, feel free, ut be warned..
# i am very very picky with how my information is displayed :p

12 thoughts on “$D13x – Battle Rows

  1. amicable says:

    i’ve been looking for something like this everywhere! need to remember to come back and look at your blog more often ahaha

    i’m trying to have the wtype_id of the player’s currently equipped weapon change the damage variables. so that weapons like bows and arrows, books, staves, etc, can do better damage from back rows. (then i want to build some enemy skills that force players into different rows for __ amount of turns, but i figure that should be simple enough by having their skills call a script line that will force actor.battle_row to whatever row i want them in)

    for the wtype change, i made new entries into the DMG rows, and in the apply_row_mods area i’m trying to have it call up different dmg rows depending on the wtype_id, but i’m getting errors that are telling me that i’m doing it wrong. i don’t suppose you’d have any idea how to add this?

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      course i have an idea..
      i assume you mean that you are trying to make each weapon’s damage variance different depending on which row the actor is in ?
      i never thought of combining this script with my weapon damage range script to allow for each row to have different damage variances…
      i will make the two scripts “compliment” each other over the weekend 🙂

  2. Alex says:

    Hey Dekita great script mate, however switching rows only seems to last one turn. Is there a way to make a permanent switch on command? Also is it possible to cancel out the damage multiplier for certain skill types such as magical attacks? I would like to have it so only physical attacks are effected by row position. Cheers

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      when you switch rows it should last until you switch to a different row , i have not had any issues at all regarding that kind of thing.

      find and change this method…

      # Get Row Damage Modification
      def apply_row_mods
      user = @row_user
      item = @row_item
      deal = Rows::DMG[:dealt][user.battle_row_range]
      took = Rows::DMG[:taken][self.battle_row_range]
      return (deal * took)

      to this..

      # Get Row Damage Modification
      def apply_row_mods
      user = @row_user
      item = @row_item
      deal = Rows::DMG[:dealt][user.battle_row_range]
      took = Rows::DMG[:taken][self.battle_row_range]
      return 1.0 if item.magical?
      return (deal * took)

      should work ,cant test right now though.

      1. Alex says:

        Must just be me then 🙂 yeah at the end of every turn it switches back to middle row or whenever the actor takes a hit. I checked the script in a new project by itself and it’s no different.

  3. Alex says:

    I managed to fix the issue by downloading your master demo and using the script from there, it’s all working fine now. Maybe the link is an outdated version of the script. That damage modification works like a charm as well, thanks for your quick response.

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      yea it could be a little outdated.
      im not uploading any of my new scripts or updates untill next month as i just moved house and am awaiting my new internet connection.

      at least it fixed the issue ^_^
      i never test any script of mine i n a blank project, except for the RMC scripts..
      only ever test them with my other $D13x scripts, so i do expect some issues when people try mixing them with alternative scripts :p

  4. Alex says:

    One more question and it’s not really that important, but I’m using Victor’s animated battlers and I’m wondering if you know how to change the actors position on the screen based on their row. I would be good if I could make a script call when changing rows to shift the player’s sprite and make it more visual. Normally I would just ask Victor but he’s not too keen on these sorts of questions, just wondering if you had any ideas?

  5. Dekita-RPG says:

    there will be a variable created in victors script, something like screen_x or battle_x or something…
    this is what holds the data for posistion, it would have to be updated to change depending on the current row of the actor 🙂
    however there is another script that does a similar feature to this and allows for victors animated battlers to move depending on row.. cant find link atm but its defo out there.

  6. Alex says:

    I found one on the crystal site that sounds like the one you’re referring to but your script is much better 🙂 Doesn’t make much difference really but I did like the menu feature that changes the position of the face graphic. You should defiantly make a menu command for yours when you get the chance. Thanks for your help anyway buddy.

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