$D13x – Max TP Control

# ☆ Introduction
# This script simply allows a little more control over TP..
# Mainly having a max TP limit, and the ability to change the limit
# a variety of different ways…
# Such as script calls and notetags, even pairing this script with others from
# the $D13x engine, like ISPDS, Dev SLUD, Equip Sets…
# Each Actor can also gain TP differently.

14 thoughts on “$D13x – Max TP Control

  1. Nyne says:

    I’m trying to using one of the stats in your ISPD as a way to boost maximum TP. The problem is that when I do I get an error as soon as the game starts saying:

    “Script “$D13x: ISPD v1.2” line 1035: NoMethodError occured.
    unidentified method “[]” for nil:NilClass

    This is the line:
    when :add_mtp then @max_tp_per_stat[stat] += mod[1]
    I’m not sure what to change and so any help would be appreciated.

  2. simplestchaos says:

    Uh, sorry for probably a dumb question, but how do I change the TP Type being used by actors or enemies? My current need is to just change the default for certain actors in the database. I looked through the instructions a few times and didn’t see anything explaining how.

  3. simplestchaos says:

    Haha! XD Alright, downloaded and tried it out.

    The script itself works and the new notetag works and everything. But I think it introduced an incompatibility with the ISPDS? (I can’t be 100% sure if the old version had this problem too because I forgot to keep a copy of the old version, lol oops)

    When I put in for an ISPDS param to increase max TP, I get a NoMethodError as soon as I start the game.

    “undefined method ‘[]’ for nil:NilClass”

    On this line:

    when :add_mtp then @max_tp_per_stat[stat] += mod[1]

    All I’m putting in is [:add_mtp, 1],
    under one of my custom stats. Think you know what’s happening? (Removing just that removes the error btw)

  4. Dekita-RPG says:

    Umm… What version of my ISPDS do you have ? … LOL

    Whatever, I just updated it (the ispds) to my current version anyway…
    I updated the core script too…

    Gotta do more soon…

    Let me know if you encounter any issues after that 🙂

  5. Gazelle says:

    Hello! Just to be clear i understans ewerything right.
    If i want to create class , wo has max 5 tp in battle and get 1 tp every round and this us the only tp source and resets to 0 at the end i need to configure like this?
    :max__tp => “5”,
    :preserve => false,
    :init_tp => “0”,
    :take_dmg => “0”,
    :regen_tp => “1”,

    I cant test it , and i making skills into my notebook on a 7 hour long train ride 😀 , thata why i ask and not test myself O:-)

  6. Marioman13 says:

    When you add the string to a skill, when you view the player with the skill in the menu, the menu shows the tp of the player instead of the player’s mp.
    Am I doing something wrong, or is this intended?

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