Todays Updates + New Shit

$D13x Core   ( v2.0 )
Teleport         ( v1.4 )
Skill Reqz      ( v1.9 )
WindowSkin ( v1.6 )
Skill Scne       ( v1.6 )
Hidden Skl    ( v1.2 )
WPN Atks      ( v1.1 )
WPN Range   ( v1.4 )
DMG Limit    ( v1.1 )
MMO Regen  ( v1.1 )
ISPDS             ( v1.0 ) ~NEW~
TP Control     ( v1.0 ) ~NEW~
Battle Row     ( v1.0 ) ~NEW~

ALL Of the above scripts are from the $D13x Engine 🙂


So, i just realized that i have been scripting for 10 months…

Seems i have came a long long way from my first released script (Perfect Stat Distribution) to my newest script (Insane Stat Distribution)

Looking over both scripts and the efficiency of the code, the difference is astonishing !!

Not only does my new ISPDS annihilate ALL stat distribution system competitors, it makes my old perfect distribution system ( was the most advanced untill i released the ISPDS today) look like it was made by a 2 year old…

VERY pleased with my progress 😀

Might even start doing proper commissions soon 😮



2 responses

  1. Nosleinad

    Congratz on all your hard work Dekita. Apart from the nice flavor of a great accomplished work and also the learning part, i hope things will begin to turn to you financially. You deserve it.
    PS: i am not having much time to deal with rpg maker now, but as soon as i can i will test some scripts out.

    June 1, 2013 at 00:55

    • lol thanks.
      i love that you “eat up” my scripts and enjoy the “flavour” ;p

      June 1, 2013 at 16:01

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