Commercial Usage

 - ☆ $D13x Commercial Usage Info
 - Last Updated 31 March 2o14
I have made this list for anyone who wishes to use my scripts within commercial
projects. This is essentially a pricing list that states the cost to obtain a 
commercial license for each of my scripts.
- I will NOT guarantee compatibility with other scripters code.
- I will NOT perform drastic modifications to any of my current script.
- I will complete bugfixes and compatibility issues with other scripts of mine.
- I will complete minor modifications to current scripts of mine.
Please make sure, if you are wanting to purchase commercial rights for any
script(s), that the script(s) are fully working in your project BEFORE you 
complete payment.
Once you have decided which script(s) of mine you wish to use commercially you 
should follow the steps below;
– Make sure scripts are fully compatible in your project.
– Send a message to me containing the following information..
 – Your Name.
 – Your Paypal Information.
 – The Script(s) You Wish To Use.
 – The Commercial Game’s Name + Expected Release Date.
– Make Payment from your paypal account into mine.
You can send all messages regarding commercial usage to either
If you are unsure whether your game is commercial or not, here is a simple guide 
to help you…
- Ask yourself, Does your game Generate ANY kind of income or profit ?
If the answer is yes then you are making a commercial game. simple.
Please Note:
All prices below are in GBP (Great British Pound) Currency, you will have to 
convert this price into your own currency.
Furthermore ALL prices below are also for a ONE TIME commercial licence,
If you wish to use the same Script(s) in multiple commercial projects please
send me a message containing more information.
Cost - Script
■ Core Scripts ■
£4 - Core
FREE - Font Defaults
■ Stats ■
£4 - Stat Control
£4 - Elem Control
£2 - MaxTP Control
£2 - Exp Control
£3 - Atk | Def Lv
£10 - Insane SPDS
£1 - Stat Formula
£4 - Dev SLUD
£1 - Enemy Levels
£2 - Advanced Battle Weather
■ Skills ■
£2 - Skill Scene
£4 - Skill Levels
£3 - Proficincy Skills
£5 - Learn Skill Requirements
FREE - Hidden Skills
£5 - Skill Upgrade
■ Equip ■
£5 - Equip Scene
£5 - ^-Equip Sets
£2 - Unique Equip
£2 - ^-Random Stats
£2 - ^-Equip Levels
£2 - ^-Equip Durability
£3 - Weapon Damage Range
£1 - Weapon Attacks
£3 - Equip Requirements
■ Damage Mods ■
£1 - Damage Tracker
£1 - Damage Limiter
FREE - Minimum Damage
£2 - Row Formation
■ Input ■
£4 - Keyboard Name Input
FREE - WSAD Movement
FREE - Common Event Keys
£1 - Menu Trigger Keys
■ Displays ■
£4 - Windowskins
£2 - Enemy Gauges
£4 - Keys (Menu/Common) HUD
£4 - Player HUD
£1 - Icon Events
£2 - Item Popups
£1 - Poke Style Flash Light
£2 - Character Lanterns
■ Scenes ■
£4 - Title Scene
£6 - Scene Backgrounds
£3 - Bank Account
£2 - Status Scene
£2 - Pause Menu
£4 - Teleport
£2 - Scene Help Info
■ General ■
£2 - Save Control
FREE - Message SFX
£3 - MMO Regen
£1 - Item Packs
£3 - Actor Control
Be aware, credit must still be given even if you are only using scripts that are
FREE for commercial use.

Use The ‘DONATE’ link below to perform transactions. The email address is


7 responses

  1. Ron

    thanks lot

    July 17, 2013 at 10:27

  2. What’s the price for your Battle Weather script? It doesn’t seem to be listed.
    It’s such a simple yet awesome script that would be awesome to have.

    July 19, 2013 at 05:39

    • if you mean the one from the pokemon style scripts i done it hasnt been listed because i only included the scripts from my $D13x Engine in this list 🙂
      i wasnt really planning on letting the other scripts i done (pokemon style and perfect scripts) be used for commercial, but YOU CAN use the battle weather script in commercial game for FREE as its fully functioning with 0 faults.

      Of course if you feel you would still like to donate something to my paypal you are more than welcome to. 🙂

      I am planning on doing a better battle weather script very soon 🙂

      July 19, 2013 at 11:41

      • Flith

        The exp curves script doesn’t seem to be listed, is this also free or no? The script itself says you are not allowed to use it for commercial use, period. Wondering if that’s just outdated.

        September 19, 2013 at 17:22

  3. Nosleinad

    Hello Dekita, did you have a chance to begin your new $D13x skill_scene? =)

    August 2, 2013 at 22:15

  4. @Filth, the EXP curve script is not available for commercial usage; however, my exp control script offers ALOT more control over the exp requirements for actors.

    @Nosleinad, Yes, it should be finished fairly soon 🙂

    February 21, 2014 at 19:18

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