$D13x – Exp Control

# ☆ Introduction
# This script completely changes the way exp is handled in game.
# You can now gain exp per battle, attack, guard, skill / item used, based on
# FULLY customizable formulas.
# Each item/skill can also give additional exp when used, again using formulas.
# The Party now has its own Exp Rate, default is 1.0. This can be changed via
# script calls only. This gives the ability to reduce all party members exp
# rates at once.
# The Map now also has its own unique Exp Rate, defalt is 1.0. This is set using
# notetags, this provides the ability to have secret caves/areas that have a
# boosted exp gain rate.
# You can also now have items or skills that when used, increase the actors
# exp rate by [x] for [y] amount of battles.
# As well as the above features, you now have complete control over the
# requirements for each level. you can either have a fixed value for [x] level,
# an exp curve (without database limitations) or you can opt for a fully
# customisable formula to determine the required exp.

3 thoughts on “$D13x – Exp Control

  1. G says:

    Just wanted to commend you on your scripts,excellent job. I’ve been working on a project for a few years now and never have i
    found a way to get full control over the parameters of each actor. My project uses a ‘Dungeons and Dragon’s’ type rule set and
    up until now [with the help of your scripts] was impossible to accomplish. I’ve experimented with several others, but was very displeased
    with the results due to having to compromise one thing or another which was usually my vision of what i wanted.
    Thanks and good luck in your works in the future.
    BTW – I find your scripts very easy to understand. I am also a writer and although there are alot of talented scripters out there,
    some lack the ability to explain coherently about thier work to non-scripters [without holding thier hands of course] .

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      Hey there, thanks for the positive comments.

      I am pleased that you find my scripts easy to use and well documented. One of the things I disliked about others scripts (before I started scripting) was the lack of information on how to use the script. This just led to confusion and questions on whether the script could really do what I wanted.

      My scripts usually have as much information, regarding how to use, as I can think of when adding the help info. Alot of things are forgotten, usually simple things like how to access [x] scene, but I try and put as much as possible, so that others, with less/no scripting knowledge, can still fully utilize the script and in turn, gain alot more control over their game development.

      Its good to know that this hasn’t gone unnoticed 🙂

  2. G says:

    Thanks for the response. As mentioned, I have read many a script over the years (from the old ‘Dark Basic’ programs – those were brutal
    2k3 and others like game maker). I enjoy creating, but what some designers don’t understand is before you dive head first into using
    scripts, it’s wise to at least learn a little about just what it does and if it’s even beneficial to what you’re trying to achieve. Some things can
    be done with a few simple variables in the event editor,but I’m sure as a scripter you already know this.
    Well, I’ve been experimenting with your $DX13 demo and so far i find them very well done although i still enjoy your ‘Perfect Series’ as well.
    As mentioned for the type of project i am working on, your scripts give me total control over character creation which saves me a lot of
    fustration which i have had in previous projects over the years.
    If you like i will send you a copy (demo) when i have something playable. This is a solo project (3 yrs. in the making) so it’s a
    slow process. Once again thanks for all your hard work and sharing it with the public. Good luck to you and i will keep an eye out for any of
    your future works.

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