$D13x – Statistic Formulas

# This Script is simply my own interpretation of Yanflys – Extra Param Formula
# Script. It was requested by simplestchaos, on my blog, that I make the two
# scripts compatable. It was easier to write my own.
# The main difference between mine and yanflys script is that this one offers
# MUCH more control over other statistics, such as; params, xparams, sparams,
# attack elements, defence elements, max tp, attack level, defence level
# && ALL Parent stats created using the ISPDS…
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15 thoughts on “$D13x – Statistic Formulas

  1. simplestchaos says:

    Oh wow, this is amazing. Thank you so much! I will begin testing it out immediately!

    Also I hope asking for this in the first place wasn’t too annoying. ^^;; (Also this marks the second script you’ve made technically due to my requests, gonna be giving you an extra special thank you in my credits for that. XD)

  2. Dekita-RPG says:

    Nah, it only took a few hours and I had RPG maker opened anyway.

    I done quite alot today with regards to games/scripts. Not only did I write this script, I also ‘finished’ another script and got ‘gold camo’ for my favorite weapon in COD::Ghosts. Dunno if you play Call Of Duty…

    Anyway, the script should quit your needs and more. I figured since I was writing it I should just add the compatibility for all my stat modifying scripts. That allows for much much more control over the stats.

    Also, the lag caused by the eval() method is not even noticeable during normal gameplay 😀
    Let me know how you get on.

  3. simplestchaos says:

    Everything seems to be in order as far as I can tell! I went through quite a few of them (I haven’t tried out modifying your unique stats with other stats yet, but that’s more not knowing what I want to do with them yet)

    But all of the formulas worked for me. The Floor Damage rate seems to work differently from other SParams but I got it to work the way I wanted by messing with the formula enough. I also had trouble with the ISPDS but that was entirely my own fault (For some reason I changed the default max amount of stats to ten, and forgot. Doh)

    Oh and, in a clean project, I’m noticing no lag! (I say “in a clean project” because I’m getting lag from someone else’s script. .-. But that’s not your problem)

    All in all it’s accomplishing what I was wanting from it, but there’s potential here that I need to look into tomorrow after some sleep, haha. Namely I’m wondering if there’s a way to logically have Magic Attack improve my mage’s atk elements…. but we shall see. >:3

    Anyways, thanks again. I’ll be sure to let you know if I find any bugs or whatnot.

  4. Dekita-RPG says:

    Yea they are all working pretty well and the lag is alot less than I thought it would be…

    Personally, I would only use a formula for parent stats for actors that cannot be modified (temp party members) and enemies, but its not my choice :p

  5. simplestchaos says:

    I like the touch that, if you increase agility through ISPDS it will actually show the changes it makes to the XParams too, haha. No confused players~

    So, I’m not sure if it’s the script or something in RPG Maker itself, but I’ve set up the formulas in a way that, with the player’s current hit chance and the enemy’s current evasion chance, there should be a “100.5%” chance of hitting (The numbers are 123 – 22.5)

    Am I misunderstanding how hit is calculated, or is there a fault in the script? (As a side note, if I drastically reduce the enemy’s evasion chance by making their agility really really low, I hit every single attack without fail)

  6. simplestchaos says:

    Ahhh, so, after posting that I started trying to figure out how VX Ace does their hit chance, and ended up finding out that it is NOT how I thought it was. (This is what happens after not using the program for 8 months. .-.)

    Ok, so, I downloaded a different script that was made to work with Yanfly’s Param Formula script, and have found that hit chance “seems” to be getting calculated how it is supposed to, as far as I can tell. It had nothing to do with your script, just me being kinda dumb. Sorry to triple post and waste your time reading this. D=

  7. simplestchaos says:

    Ah sorry, didn’t know if I should link it.


    Craze’s accuracy overflow (It’s a limit breaker solely for Accuracy and Evasion, I guess?) but it also sets the basic hit chance of whether or not you’ll hit an enemy to “a.hit – b.eva”, whereas normally in VX Ace it seems that it actually works differently.

    I *think* that the normal formula would take 123% – 22.5% = 95.325% (22.5% OF 123 instead of 22.5 taken from 123)

    it’s a little confusing to me though that it isn’t naturally the second way, but I guess that’s just because the natural hit chance is maxed at 100%?

  8. Dekita-RPG says:

    Wow thats a tiny script :p
    It also modifies the same method I would have to solve the issue, and since that works fine then there is no need for me to write it ^_^

    Also, there should not be any compatibility issues between this script and any of mine as I have ever changed the item_apply method. I always change apply_variance instead. To be fair, it is usually some kind of variance script im writing, such as ; attack || defense levels..

    I may end up having to write a scriptthat modifies the behaviour of evasion and hit rates, along with the AI of enemies, but there is no need for that right now :p

  9. simplestchaos says:

    Yes it is very tiny. XD

    But, awesome! Since they did it similarly to how you would do it then I guess there shouldn’t be any problems. Thanks for the constant communication, makes life a lot easier.

  10. Dekita-RPG says:

    No problem. Thank you for choosing to use my scripts ^_^

    If you would like to donate, feel free. Also, keep an eye out for my upcoming releases… I have a few of them 😀

  11. Godbard says:

    Hey, Dekita I’ve been trying out your script and tried to see a noticeable difference when adding LUK to my characters. It doesn’t feel like
    the crit rate is increasing at all.

    2 => { # CRI
    :n => “luk”,
    :f => “(n / (100.0 + n)) * 0.333 + 0.000 + base”,

    I believe that is the formula you provided for the crit chance. If you could help me understand what adding more LUK does and how it affects the crit rate. thank you

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      I didnt make that formula. Yanfly did.
      Someone asked me to make Yanflys param formula script compatible with my stat control scripts. It was easier to write my own script, but I used the calculations from yanflys script.

      From the looks of the formula, every 10 luck points will get you around 0.03% crit rate ^_^ Thats not including whatever your actors base crit rate is.

  12. Mul says:

    Hi there. I keep getting a line 342: NoMethodError when trying to use this script. I have set up a formula for all the 30 stats I’m using exactly like the example but nothing seems to work.


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