Advanced Battle Weather

# ☆ Introduction
# This script was requested by wrigty12 @ the web address below:
# This script allows for all stats – such as; params, xparams, sparams,
# atk elements, def elements, parent stats (created with my ISPDS), atk level,
# def level && max tp.
# You can also change an actors skills and states by the current weather…
# And guess what!! It also affects enemies (everything except skills).
# Nifty little feature, dont you agree?
Script Link

And Just to prove it works…

Showing Stats Before Rain
Speaking To Event To Make It Rain
Showing Stats After Rain

6 thoughts on “Advanced Battle Weather

  1. simplestchaos says:

    Ahhh this looks so cool! I will look into ways to use this in my game for sure. (What immediately comes to mind is everything that gets used in the pokemon games, but there are unconventional ways to use this too and I intend on milking this for all it can do once I figure out how to use it. >:3 That’ll wait until tomorrow though because I’m sleepy)

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      lol sleep… I remember that… Thats the thing a normal person does…

      I am actually en route to bed after scripting / updating my posts for around 16 hours straight :/
      Will see what I can get done tomorrow as well 😀

  2. simplestchaos says:

    Ah, now that I have it in my game I can see that it’s a very simple but effective script. Not so sure about those ‘unconventional’ ideas I was having. 😛 This is still really cool though, weather has a very real influence on any fight, and even more so if magic is involved I would think.

    Too bad VX Ace doesn’t come with more weather effects naturally. Creating a sandstorm/hail effect would have been fun~

    Anyways, excuse me while I invent a fighting style for my boxer called “The Storm Fist” lolol

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      lol storm fist… reminds me of Hitmonchan somehow….

      I was also thinking about the shitty amount of weather types. I also think sandstorms etc would be really cool… Maybe even ‘fire rain’ and such…. Im VERY busy atm but im going to script such a feature eventually.

      As per usual, I will make it compatible with all my other $D13x scripts, and it will of course, ‘blend’ naturally with this script 🙂

      1. simplestchaos says:

        You’re a boss, man. XD That will definitely make this script even better, multiplicatively! That’s a word right? 😛 Fire rain, acid rain, “Beaing near lava” making it hot… there’s a lot of potential here if you make it, so that’s pretty exciting.

        This script, as is, will still be useful since I plan on using a time system with different weather on different days, so now the weather will matter a little more.

        Looking forward to the bunch of updates you have planned. You’ll see my comments on the ones I intend to use~

  3. Kes says:

    I have been unable to see how to restrict this to just one particular actor. Could you please point me to where I can configure this in the script.

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