$D13x – Item Popups

# ☆ Introduction
# This script creates an animated popup that is shown automatically when the
# party’s inventory is changed. It shows all item, weapon, armor and gold
# gains && losses.
# You can also use script calls to change weather popups are displayed and to
# turn on / off the popup feature.
Script Link
IconFlashLanternPops Demo Link

Popup When Gold Is Gained

4 thoughts on “$D13x – Item Popups

  1. icecluster92 says:

    Hey, if the player gets more than 1 different item at a time, all popups stack on top of each other, which makes them unreadable.
    Is there a way to let the popups come in one at a time and maybe just move the former popups up 1 row?

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      Hey there, sorry about that
      I will have to update the script to accomodate that. As an alternative, my ‘epic data popups’ DOES take that into consideratin but itdoesnt auto display for item gains, so you would have to manually set each popup.

      In the meantime (while i update the script) if you have a 24 frame wait time between item gains then they will flow perfectly. < This is essentially what i will be coding into the script 🙂

    1. Dekita-RPG says:

      Should have a fix done in the next few days (providing nothing comes up with more importance)
      Just trying to slowly work through a log of small faults that have been found 😀

      Also – thanks for pointing this one out 🙂

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