$D13x Actor Control

# ☆ Introduction
# This script allows you to trigger various things at times that are usually
# outwith a developers control, you can trigger various effects such as …
# control game switches, control game variables, trigger common events,
# change party gold and whatever else you can code, with minimal effort.
# Examples of why you may want to do this;
# An actor dies and increases a certain variable…
# An actor escapes but it costs 50 gold…
# An actor learns a skill and it triggers a common event, if skill is id X…
# An actor reaches level 25 so you want to reward them with extra gold…
# An actor changes class and it controls a custom effect you coded..
# – This effect could be *almost* any other script call from other scripts
# – Note ~ *almost*
# – Note 2 ~ Some script calls would not be wise to use with this script
# ~ Use common sense..
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2 thoughts on “$D13x Actor Control

  1. acrelion says:

    Do you know why this script might be causing the quote boxes from Yanfly’s Victory Aftermath to shunt downwards, off the screen?

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