$D13x Randomised Equipment

# ☆ Introduction
# This script allows the creation of advanced equipment. what i mean by this is..
# You can set up each equip to have various teirs, a teir is basically a grade
# teir 0 is ALWAYS default ( whatever the item does in the database )
# teir 1, 2, 3 & higher are all defined by you, the user..
# you can define as many different teirs as you want, remember to add
# a chance for that teir to be gained, or it will never be gained..
# (unless you use script call to gain X teir item)
# each weapons teir can have different features than the default item
# features in this case are things like..
# name
# description
# icon
# price
# params
# features (the ones in the database eg, x-param rates)
# equipment type id
# weapon type id
# armor type id
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3 thoughts on “$D13x Randomised Equipment

  1. Joseph jack says:

    do you have to make an additional thing to add another item or weapon. Cause as it sits you add say a sword to the game or axe or whatever it errors to this script.

  2. Nyne says:

    I keep getting this error whenever I add a weapon to my inventory a second time. So the first time it works but if I go again this happens
    mod::ID[id][:teir_chances].each do |tcs|

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