$D13x – Badges (achievements)

# ☆ Introduction
# This script was inspired by Pokemons ‘Badges’ system. Cause I could, I made
# a script to recreate it (this script) and when I had done that, I made it a
# MUCH more powerful feature…
# Obviously, the standard pokemon badge system is a widely known feature;
# however, for those that do not know this system – a badge is basically an
# achievement that is gained throughout the course of gameplay.
# Badges are not only for showing off, they can also be used to control various
# aspects of your game… Dramatically…
# In pokemon, you would not be able to use certain HM’s (items) if you did not
# have [x] badge. Therefore, I have included the ability to restrict item usage
# when certain badges have not yet been obtained.
# You can also restrict skills being used and weapons/armor from being equipped.
# This restriction is automatic and you must gain the badge before it is lifted.
# Obviously, being able to use an item/skill/weapon or armor after gaining a
# badge is great, but what if you want a badge to toggle a switch, modify a
# variable, give gold / items / weapons / armor or maybe even run a custom
# script call… Well… It can!
# Another feature within the pokemon badge system, in earlier generations, was
# that your pokemons stats would increase if you owned [x] badge.
# This could be done by doing a simple script call to increase each
# party members stats; maybe something along the lines of
# “$game_party.members.each {|m| m.add_param(id) }”
# – Alternatively, you can have stats increase and learn skills for all members.
# eg. badge 1 gives 50mhp, when badge one has been earned, all party members will
# always gain 50mhp. Regardless of when they joined the party.
# Use simple script calls to gain badges and unlock the rewards.
# But wait, what if you dont want to use script calls to gain badges? Well…
# You dont have to…
# Depending on the badge’s settings, you can enable it to track a certain
# object (such as a variable/switch/your own code) and once the ‘gain badge’
# condition has  been met the achievment will automatically unlock.
# Couple this with some of my other scripts – such as Actor Effect Blocks/
# Gold Tracker/ Items Tracker and you can enable badges to unlock when the player
# has performed certain actions throught gameplay, such as; winning fights,
# fleeing battle, dying, leveling, after party has earned / spent [x] amount of
# gold or even when party has used [x] amount of [x] item.
# Arent I a clever fucker ^_^

Lots o Badges

6 thoughts on “$D13x – Badges (achievements)

  1. Cam says:

    Script ‘Dekita Badges’ line 175: NameError occured. unitialized constant Achievement::Text_Color

    Get this error when starting play test.

  2. Hisuma says:

    if i use the archivment Script its impossible to unequement the items on the chars.
    only possible if you use “unequepment all items on the charakter”
    if i just wanna remove 1 item like my armor or weopen. its not possible. why ? or is it on porpuse ?

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