$D13x – States :: Damage Over Time

# ☆ Introduction
# This script allows states to be given a portion of code to eval during the
# ‘refresh state turns’ method.
# What this means is, you can create various hp / mp / tp moddifying states.
# You could also attach variables onto your state turns.
# Obviously, as you can code the formula, this opens a whole range of
# possibilities. Such as using various stats to determine the hp/mp loss.
# Using element resistance to determine TP gain.
# Using variables to determine the HP lost…
# There are many uses for this kind of feature, so dont be scared to think
# ‘outside of the box’.
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One thought on “$D13x – States :: Damage Over Time

  1. Shiori4me says:

    How often does this damage over time occur?

    For example, let’s say 28 seconds in game time is an hour, and it takes 3 hours to lose 650 HP, the default level 5 Max HP, aka the HP of a normal human being villager. So I would want it to take 84 seconds to lose 650 HP.
    Let’s say your script updates the DoT at a rate of every 3 seconds (180 frames).

    So that’s 650 / 48 / 3 which equals 4.5138888…
    so let’s make the formula
    DOT Data[3] = “self.hp -= “if rand(100000) >= 51388 then 5 else 4 end”

    If this confuses you, disregard my example.
    And, still, I ask, how many frames does it take for the DoT to tick?

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