Accurate FPS

# ☆ Introduction
# This script was written by DekitaRPG. 
# The purpose of this script is to give the developer an accurate representation
# of your frames per second. 
# The default FPS counter (seen by pressing F2 in game) can be wildly inaccurate. 
# IMO - the purpose of a frames per second display, is to show how many times
# your frames are being refreshed each second. 
# For some reason, the F2 FPS counter is quite different from the actual 
# amount of updates the Graphics module processes each second. 
# Simply pop the script in your game in a new script page and a small hud will 
# be displayed. The hud settings can be configured slightly in the Real_FPS 
# customization module.
# Along with showing you the real FPS rate, this script gives you an average
# FPS rate and a total target rate, target rate shows you the percentage of 
# which your games FPS has been equal to the target FPS since the last average
# FPS refresh occurred..
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