Highly Customizable Online Highscore System

Ever wished your game could have an awesome online high-score leader board? Perhaps you want to hold a record of who can complete your game the fastest, or maybe for the highest damage dealt to each boss within the game?

This system allows exactly that and not only does it allow one high-score list, it allows as many as you wish to create… You are able to easily utilize a number of database types including CSV (Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values file) and SQL (Structured Query Language) databases with minimum effort.

Along with the expected RPG Maker VX Ace scripts, there is also a number of scripts for server side processing (PHP code) and numerous example high-score lists (both CSV and SQL example databases included). The aforementioned high-score lists have been fully coded into the project demo (also included) to allow you to easily understand how to setup the system within your own project.

More Information at dekitarpg.com/dekyde

One thought on “Highly Customizable Online Highscore System

  1. alberthk4 says:

    dekita. this is awesome! but i have a question to ask. can it exchange and confirm information given and traded within a surveyable space.

    because i’m thinking of making an in game purchasable items that requires said features.

    so, basically the game receives the code, and the user input it, once used the code is no longer viable. is that possible?

    P.S. the link given leads to an empty page

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