My First Youtube Video

I decided earlier this year that I was going to learn how to edit videos properly, so it seemed obvious that making videos would help teach me the skills to do that..

After some internal debate it was settled, I was going to create some simple tutorial type videos and post them online.

It took quite some time, and more failed attempts than I care to mention. Eventually though, persistence paid off!! I now, finally, can present my very first (real) youtube video!

I used to think it would be super easy to make a video. It seemed as though you simply record some footage and post it online – job done. I quickly discovered though that its not quite as easy as that. Yes, you record footage, and yes you post it online, but there is so much more in between…

The thing I found most difficult was recording my own voice… At first I was really nervous, and I also felt incredibly stupid for talking to ‘myself’. I tried to talk through the process as I was doing it and found myself making dumb mistakes that I normally wouldn’t, then getting stressed out over it.

In the end, I decided it would be easier to record the footage, and then do a voice-over with all the important information. I still felt incredibly stupid talking into the mic – to myself – but after around 8-9 hours of trying I finally had some audio I felt was usable.

Of course, I’m not entirely happy with the result – I find flaws in all of it, the lighting, the audio, the transitions, all of it. But I’m really happy that I have managed to take the most important step towards completing my goal – starting!

As time passes, I plan to improve all of the aspects I’m not currently satisfied with, such as improving lighting and audio. I’m learning loads of new things about these subjects and I intend to put my new found knowledge to good use for my next video…

Hopefully it all goes to plan, and over time the quality of my videos improve – along with my own video editing skills of course!


Not sure if anyone will enjoy, or benefit from this article, if you do, be sure to drop a like, share, or comment your thoughts below! ❤


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