How To Use The Android Back Button

Hey Guys :*

I have decided to record a few more tutorial videos based around Android features, and integrating those features into a simple javascript application.

With that being said, I present part 2: how to use the back button on your Android HTML games. As this tutorial continues from part 1, the requirements to follow along with the guide are the same:

A HTML File (MV game index.html – for example)
Android Studio (for building app)
Android Device (for testing app)
Google Chrome (for debugging)

If you like this guide, please leave a comment with your feedback, and like/share where applicable! If you are sharing this tutorial, please share the main video as that has all links and information included – rather than sharing just the example project) ❤

Lastly, if you have any similar tutorials you would like to see, please do let me know!! :)

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