RPG Maker MZ Approaches…

For quite a number of years I have been fairly quiet within the RPG Maker communities. This was partly due to personal reasons which I wont go into much detail about here, but there was also issues within certain RPG Maker communities I was part of that made me question both the time I spent contributing to the community, and also the quality of them as a whole.

Rather than sit and complain about my previous experience, I am looking to the future, and am very excited to get my hands on the newest iteration of RPG Maker MZ when it releases on August 20th, so I can being an entirely new set of ideas to life, as well as resurrecting some old and forgotten ones.

Here are a handful of the new features to look forward to from the new engine:

  • Effekseer particle animations
  • PIXI.js v5
  • Default ATB System
  • Default Autosave System
  • Improved plugin handling
  • Improved map editor
  • Improved character generator
  • Enhanced UI built with mouse/touch in mind

There are a huge number of confirmed changes and improvements that I haven’t mentioned above because I personally don’t have much use for them. The main things I care about is the underlying code base. How its structured and written, as well as how I can expand it to do additional things.

I am not yet sure what sort of model or license I will use when releasing the new systems I create for the RPG Maker MZ engine, some will likely be completely free to use, where others may not be. There is also a very large project I want to finally complete for MZ, this project was started back in the VX Ace days, got carried over to MV, and now, is on its way to MZ as soon as it can be. I don’t want to say too much about this system until I have a functioning beta (or close to), but there are a number of other enhancements I intend to create for the new maker that I am willing to mention:

  • Stats Distribution System
  • Animated Title Scene
  • Animated Map Name
  • Teleportation System
  • Hexagon Map System
  • Pokemon Stats/Natures/IV-EV/Exp

All of the these systems are required for the larger project that I mentioned above, they are also systems that I have a fair bit of experience with having written each of them more than once. I think around half of all systems I’ve ever written have been statistic based, so those are likely ones I will tackle first, along with the title scene and porting my previously unreleased hexagon map system.

Speaking of hexmaps, I’m currently in the process of creating a simple editor application to handle eventing and setting up the maps much easier.

Although this system likely wont be publicly released on day 1 of MZ launch, as it will still need to be double checked to make sure there are no sneaky bugs, I’m hoping to have it done within the first week ~ along with some of the other plugins mentioned above, and a personal review of MZ.

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You can find out more about the upcoming features in RPG Maker MZ, as well as pre-order your own copy at the following page:


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