Earth Under Attack is a 2D Side-Scrolling strategical Spaceship Shoot-Em-Up being developed using the RPG Maker VX Ace Engine. The VX Ace Engine has also been dramatically enhanced by pairing it with various systems / scripts from my own $D13x Script Engine. In doing this, it not only increases the amount of features available at my disposal, it also allows for me to provide a gaming experience that surpasses the average players expectations.

This project is being made for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest, development began on May 30th 2014. A playable version of the game will be available on 30th June at the latest (that is the deadline after all).







Space Warp

Planet X




Earth is being invaded, not from above, but from the side. You take on the role of a pilot who has been tasked to defend our planet during this crisis. In order to complete your mission you must perform various tasks such as; killing a specific amount of enemies, successfully navigating various areas and lethal obstacles. Completing your mission is no easy task as alien technologies are far superior compared to our own. In order to increase survivability, you must obtain these technologies and apply them to your own craft.



– Normal Mode

This is the standard game mode. Whilst playing, you will travel between areas to complete various challenges, such as defeating hordes of enemies within a certain time. During this game mode you will encounter various enemies, each offering their own challenge you must overcome.

– Hardcore / Survival Mode

In this mode, you can play any level previously completed (level 1 is always unlocked). You have access to all technology previously unlocked as well – so you can fully customize your ship for the occasion.

You will have to face waves of enemies, each wave much smarter and more powerful than the last.



The mechanics of Earth Under Attack is what sets it apart from games of a similar setting. If you like games that require strategical thinking then you’re in luck. Below is a selection of information on the various statistics within the game.
– Flight
Flying an advanced spacecraft is not an easy thing. There are many various aspects you must consider, such as the speed you are moving and the current level of gravity to name a few.
– Damage
When damage is dealt, a ‘base value’ is put through various formulas to gain a ‘damage value’. The aforementioned formulas provide diversity based on the current condition of your ship. To put it simply – if your ship is in poor condition, is becomes harder to recover.

– Power-ups

At random points throughout gameplay, you will encounter ‘power-ups’. If you can collect one of these, it will trigger an automatic ‘buff’ effect. For example, you would get an instant (temporary) boost to one / more of your stats. Only the rarest power-ups will change your weapon / fire type / fire rate – even then, it will not be a permanent enhancement.


As you destroy enemy crafts, various technology could appear. Each ship has different tech to find along with different percentage drop rates. You must equip your tech prior to starting the level. Technology consists of different weapons / shields each with their own benefits / hindrances. Technology is also responsible for gaining the ability to have ‘multi-fire’ or ‘rapid-fire’ weapons.

– Enemy AI

Each enemy you encounter has an array of possible AI settings. Needless to say, some will be more intelligent than others. Some of the harder enemies may even use the same technology as you.



– Health
In order to complete your quest you must ensure that your ship is not destroyed. Health is a clear indication of your ships current condition.
Your crafts shield, weapons and thrusters are all directly tied to the condition of your ship. What this means is, if your health is low your weapon damage and shield protection will also be lower, as will the speed at which you move.
– Generator
This is the most important part of any spacecraft. Power generated is distributed amongst the ships thrusters, weapons and shields systems. Your ships maximum health is determined by the power output from the generator.
The shield system is what provides protection to the ship. If you have a more powerful shield, you will take less damage.
There are also various types of shield, each providing additional protection against specific weapon types.
The weapon system is used to attack enemy ships. If your weapon becomes more powerful, the damage you deal to enemy crafts will also increase. Various weapon types provide additional diversity between you and your enemies.
The thrusters are used to move the ship. If your generator provides more power to  the thrusters you will be able to pass through areas quicker. Obviously, if your thrusters are using less power, it will take longer and in turn, more enemies may be encountered.



Technology is what you must acquire, at least if you wish to survive for any reasonable length of time. There are various tech items available to gain from enemies upon defeat. Once you have obtained tech item, it is permanently unlocked, but only for the ship that found it.

– Offensive Technologies

OT’s come in the form of weaponry. They provide benefits such as; Energy Efficiency Components, Advanced Projectile/Lazer/Explosive weapons && increased weapon fire rate.

– Defensive Technologies

DT’s mainly consists of Shields and Energy Efficiency Components. Each weapon type (projectile/lazer/explosion) causes damage based around the targets shield. By utilizing the correct shields, you will dramatically increase survivability.



– Achievements

These come in the form of unlockable ships. You must complete various challenges in order to qualify for each achievements. This includes such tasks as; kill 50 yellow enemies or survive 5 minutes in ‘Hardcore Mode‘.

– Screenshots

Yes, you can easily take a screenshot by pressing the ‘PrtSc‘ / ‘Print Screen‘ key. Additionally, when you die in ‘Hardcore Mode‘, you will be asked if you wish to print a screenshot of your score. Obviously, this is VERY useful amongst friends who wish to compete against each other for the best scores.



Dekita – Game Designer,

Hyde – Graphical Guru,







Edgar Ferreira



Joel Steudler



The Official RPG Maker Forums Community


Poll 1…


Whats your current (honest) opinion on this project?
1 - Cant Wait To Play The Game ( 5 Votes  [19.23%] )
2 - Looks Great                ( 10 Votes [38.46%] )
3 - Meh                        ( 7 Votes  [26.92%] )
4 - Seen Better                ( 3 Votes  [11.54%] )
5 - Stop It And Move On        ( 1 Votes  [ 3.85%] )
TOTAL VOTES    = 26.

As they say – The stats dont lie.

Looking at these stats – a fair amount of people like this idea.

Whats this means to me is that only a small portion of people will be unimpressed by the finished game as there is alot more going on than what the screenshots show. ^_^


To be honest, I was anticipating more negative votes


Poll 2…


What do you think of the graphical styling?
1 - Good        ( 5 votes [45.45%] )
2 - Acceptable  ( 6 votes [54.55%] )
3 - Bad         ( 0 votes [00.00%] )

Game Mechanics - Are There Enough?
1 - Too Much    ( 0 votes [00.00%] )
2 - Just Right  ( 9 votes [81.82%] )
3 - Not Enough  ( 1 votes [09.09%] )
4 - Dont Care   ( 1 votes [09.09%] )

What Do You Think Would Improve This Project The MOST?
1 - Music & SFX                    ( 4 votes [36.36%] )
2 - Graphics                       ( 1 votes [09.09%] )
3 - Additional Systems / Mechanics ( 6 votes [54.55%] )

What this tells me, is that people where either pleased, or would have accepted the old graphical styling. It has now been dramatically upgraded by Hyde and I am sure you will agree, they are much more than just ‘acceptable’.

It also tells me that the amount of game mechanics this project currently boasts is perfect for most players; however, as I also want to appeal to those statistic enthusiasts (like myself) I will have to incorporate more mechanics and unique systems.



This project is still under development. All information and screenshots are subject to change.

If you are interested in contributing to this project, for a share of any prizes and glory of course, then feel free to drop me a PM detailing what skills you have and what you could add to this project.

Dekita’s Blog Page

Official IGMC Page

Official RPG Maker Forum Topic





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