2TCG MainSo, to jump right in, I made this page due to a previous topic I had started on the official RPG Maker Forums. It was the feedback gained within both that thread and private messages that prompted me to launch this…  To give a brief idea of that topic, it was regarding a potential kick-starter campaign for ‘mini-game packs’ for RPG Maker. Anyway, the most popular ‘mini-game’ idea from the ones described in that topic was my for a Highly Customizable Trading Card Game.

Now, the ideas for a fully scripted, highly customizable TCG are obviously there, and I am fully capable of writing the system. The main problem is obtaining the funding that will be required in order to lift this project off the ground. We do have a small team of individuals who are able to carry out the required work; however, they – like most people, are not gonna work for free.

The main goal of this topic is to give people a common place to easily discuss this idea and provide feedback. Another benefit of hosting this topic here is that it can easily be shared, liked and tweeted.  After all, if more people know about the project, it means that there are more people who may be willing to contribute towards it becoming a reality.

First of all, just to ensure you understand exactly what this topic is discussing;

  1. A Fully Customizable Trading Card Game system, containing numerous scripts and resources (visual and audio) for use in RPG Maker Vx Ace (possibly with older/future maker support)
  2. A Fun, Family Friendly, Trading Card Game featuring all the ‘big names’ from the RPG Maker Series. This includes fan favorites such as Eric, Ralph, Slime and of course, the main player – Dekita.  This would be available as a FREE GAME to everyone; however, an unencrypted version of the game will  also be supplied with the TCG Script & Resources Pack.


Full Script && Resources InformationMore detailed information can be found by following this link.

This system can be used solely as a mini-game within a project, but it is also retains enough features to be used as the sole focus of a game. The features of this system would include such things as;

Animated Cards :  (cards && card images move)
Various Card Types : (creature, equip, spells, field mods, enhance, more)
Card Rarity / Grade : (common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare, more)
Various Card Packs : (numerous cards packs offering various types of cards)
Card Condition : (card deteriorates over time is mistreated)
Optimized ‘card creation’ System : (numerous methods to ensure performance and quality is kept)
Card && Deck Inventories : (dedicated scenes for viewing obtained cards and decks)
Multiple Card Decks : (player can hold more than one deck at a time)
Card Shop : (buy/sell cards, packs, items and general merchandise)
Card Trade : (trade cards between NPC’s and save files)
Card Auction : (buy/sell cards/packs/item at an ‘auction house’)
Card Craft : (dedicated scene for crafting new cards)
Card Enhance : (use unwanted cards to enhance your favorite cards)
Card Dueling : (have in game card battles with rules changing each match)
Dueling Tournaments : (multiple possible tournaments to participate in)
TCG Player : (dedicated classes for storing data related to player activities etc..)

Obviously, all aspects of the script system will be as customizable as possible. All cards, environments, scenes (window position, layout, etc..), player information and settings would all be fully customizable by the developer via simple (and fully documented) script customization sections. This means you can easily make each scene look fully unique to your project. You retain full control over all images & information shown as well as how each scene flows. Additionally, most of (if not all) the features would be optional, so things like ‘card condition’ does not have to be included in your own in-game CCG/TCG.


Maho No Kado, the trading card gameMore detailed information on the game can be found by following this link.

Mahō no kādo is the name that will be given to the small (2-4 hour story) game that will be made alongside the Trading Card Game Scripts & Resource Pack. This game will come in two forms, encrypted and unencrypted. The unencrypted version will be supplied with the resource pack as a means of providing the user (of the resources) an adequate documentation with physical examples on how to set things up.

The encrypted version, will be freely distributed as a means of providing people with a product to play and thus, see the system in action. The game story is highly subject to change as any kickstarter reward tiers will likely be for backers to design features or even be featured themselves within the game.

As it currently stands, the main story will revolve around a young student named Dekita. The main goal of this game will be somewhat cliche (Become the best card battler in school whilst obtaining as many cards as possible). As well as featuring all aspects of the TCG detailed above, there will also be frequent appearances from popular names from the RPG Maker program itself. This includes fan favorites such as Ralph, Ulrika, Oscar, Eric, Rick and of course, the all important Slime!

During school your character will pass time via participating in various card duels (card battles) and once you become good enough, tournaments. Other means of passing time include things such as Shopping, Trading cards and of course, meeting fun, quirky and sometimes outrageous characters.

Alternatively, you could always attend classes and actually learn a thing or two about card dueling. There are many secrets to be found that can only be learned via completing the hardest of tests. Sometimes these tests will be of the mind, sometimes they will be more practical and will involve the protagonist battling their way to victory.



Dekyde Studios is the team that will be creating this masterpiece. As previously stated above, we do have a few people who would be able to perform the required tasks, and again, like all of us, they don’t want to work for free. We will be trying to keep costs as low as possible; however, certain things will have to be contracted out to 3rd party freelancers (artists, musicians, etc..). It is for this reason that we are going to be launching a kickstarter campaign sometime over the next month or so (providing that the level of interest for this project continues to increase).

We are currently trying to ensure as many people as possible are aware of this project in the hope that this will increase the amount of help we are able to obtain. After all, great ideas do sometimes need help to get off the ground. Clearly, the amount of effort, hard work and dedication that will be put into both the TCG resources pack, and Mahō no kādo itself, should ensure that the end product is nothing less than phenomenal.


TCG FAQFor a list of commonly asked questions you can click on this link.

The aforementioned link will direct you to a page dedicated to FAQ’s. I will try to answer any questions you guys may have as quickly as possible. Keep in mind I am very busy and it may take me some time though. Also, please do not spam the topic with questions that have already been asked and not yet answered. I will answer each question once I am able.



There are various things you can do to help out this project. Most obviously, you could contribute financially. Once the kickstarter campaign launches there will be numerous tiers tailored for RPG Maker users, CCG/TCG Enthusiasts and of course, there will be rewards for those people who just want to help out a small indie dev team create their product.

Rewards for this campaign are subject to change; however, I have compiled a short list of rewards that will most certainly be offered to kickstarter backers at various reward tiers. These rewards are detailed below for your perusal:

■ Being credited within the credits of Mahō no kādo as a ‘contributor’ or ‘project backer’.
■ Being featured within Mahō no kādo in the form of a character, card or NPC.
■ Early progress reports (before information is fully released to the public).
■ A copy of the full system upon release.
■ Beta test the game before release.
■ Design your own custom card(s), card pack(s) or NPC(s).
■ Physical copies of your card(s)
■ Physical booster (card) packs.

For those who want some of the cool privileges and benefits from the rewards stated above, I ask you to keep an eye on this page and follow me on twitter @DekitaRPG Both twitter and this page will be updated frequently with all relevant links and information for when the campaign officially begins.

In the meantime (or as an alternative if backing such a project financially is not something you can consider), you could also help by informing others about this project, such as friends, family & colleagues who may also be interested. Every tweet, like, share, blog post and comment can dramatically help our cause which in turn, will not only provide a fun, free, family friendly game. It will also provide people with a means of creating their own CCG/TCG’s with ease.

Users of the official RPG Maker Forums can also check out THIS THREAD and voice your thoughts on there. obviously being a forum is does have general rules and guidelines which I recommend be followed, not only there, but also when providing feedback using this site.

You are more than welcome to provide your general thoughts on this idea (holding a kickstarter campaign for both a game and resources to create your own version of said game), the system or even on Mahō no kādo itself.

If you have any ideas for features you would like to see within the system or game that I have not included, I would be more than willing to discuss them. Obviously, as this project becomes more popular more information will be added. This will include features I have forgotten to mention and even features requested by you guys!

Additionally, if you wish to contribute in the form of a particular resource, such as card designs, pack designs, protective sleeves designs, field layout designs, musical resources or anything else think may be helpful, you can send me an email at dekitarpg@gmail.com or by sending me a private message @ http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/user/1659-dekita/

Remember, tweet, like, share, make a post on your blog or website (directing people here) or even comment on this topic and share your positive thoughts. It will all help make this project come to life. Not only for myself, but also for all those who wish to easily create their own virtual CCG/TCG with minimal effort.

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