■ Q : How long do you expect this project to take before the final version becomes publicly available?
^-A : As most of the work has yet to be done for this system, it is very hard to give an accurate date; however, we estimate that the main system will be finished within 2-4 months of obtaining the required funding. At that point it will be given out to beta testers and after bugs have been squished (if there are any at this point) the system will be fully documented and then released. The testing and documenting of the system will likely be a fairly quick process due to the amount of potential beta testers on hand. (I have already received many requests from people, for me to allow them to test the beta version.)

■ Q : How much funding is required?
^-A : We are not yet sure what the exact funding goal will be. I have contacted various parties and freelancers in order to obtain price estimates for the various components that this system will require. We are trying to keep costs as low as possible, but anyone who has ever commissioned art or music before will know things can become pricey very quickly.

■ Q : What would funding be spent on?
^-A : There are a few things that the funding would actually be spent on. Other than the numerous graphical components that will be designed, for battle gameplay, such as field backgrounds, menu commands, icons, card images, card layout images, card protective coverings, etc.. There will also have to be numerous background images and menu commands for each scene that related to the TCG.
Alongside the graphics stated above, the funding would also be used to contract various people for services such as music producers, map/area creationists, script writers, proofreaders and various other small services.
It would be used also help the main developers working on the project main a regular quality of living. Realistically, the quantity of the time & effort they will be putting in will completely disable them from being able to partake in any other projects or commissions until this project is complete.

■ Q : Cant the RPG Maker RTP be used?
^-A : Yes it can. At least certain elements of it can. The main problem with using the RTP though is the fact that is does not accommodate for the unique and advanced features that this project brings. Of course certain components such as monster graphics can be used, but nowhere within the RTP is graphics for things like cards, card related icons, scene backgrounds (inventory, achievements, upgrades, crafting, etc..)
The RTP also features various music tracks and SFX that could potentially be used for certain things.

■ Q : RPG Maker Screen Resolution Limits are fairly small (640×480). Do you have anything planned to help combat this?
^-A : Yes. There is numerous things in mind to help combat this ‘issue’. We plan to implement various techniques to fully maximise space such as; auto-zooming onto selected card / card performing current action, field size larger than visible screen size, zoom in/out at will to view more/less of the game field and of course, allowing the player to scroll around the screen with ease.

■ Q : Will this project be made if funding cannot be obtained?
^-A : Short answer: No.
The level of time and effort that this project will require is simply not possible without being able to contract third party freelancers to help reduce the workload. To give you an accurate idea of how much the funding will help: If I was to begin on this project right now it would take me the next few years to complete alone. I would also lose out on many potential commissions and thus, I would not be able to main the quality of life I currently have. If I was to slowly carry out all the work by myself, other than it taking an inordinate amount of time to complete, almost all graphical aspects would be of a sub-par standard as well as areas/maps and musical tone. It would also suffer from many typing errors and grammatical errors. Finally, if I was somehow able to complete this project without the aid of others, I most certainly would not be releasing the system portion of this project for other indie developers to use, at least not for free (or any kind of low price).

■ Q : How many cards (in total) do you have planned for the game?
^-A : We currently have plans for the following cards; 60+ Creatures, 20+ Equipment, 30+ Spell/Item, 20+ Field Enhancement & Modification, 20+ Mana and around 10 each of both sacrifice and enhance cards. Note: sacrifice cards are specific cards sacrificed to summon powerful creature cards. Enhance cards are used solely for the purpose of enhancing other cards abilities. Unlike Equipment cards, Enhance cards are not usable from within the battle scene.

■ Q : How customizable will the system be?
^-A : The user of the system will retain full control of all cards aesthetics, features and skills. They will also be able to position all graphics and windows within each scene with minimal effort. The aim of the system is to allow people with no script writing experience to easily create a unique CCG/TCG of their own (within the RPG Maker program). As well as being supplied with a full documentation and user manual, the system will also be supplied with an unencrypted copy of the game (which requires the RPG Maker Vx Ace program to view). This helps to provide users with physical examples of using the systems features such as; customizing your own cards and utilizing system script calls.

■ Q : Will there be features to tie the ‘minigame’ system in with regular rpg maker systems?
^-A : Yes, I am pleased to say that there will be. There will be quite a few things setup for features such as; gaining specific cards from defeating enemies in battle (regular vx ace battle system battles) and main menu commands to access TCG system features (such as card inventory, deck, craft, etc..)

■ Q : Will the game or system be ‘pay to view/use’?
^-A : The game ‘Mahō no kādo’ will come in two forms. The encrypted version will be supplied freely to properly showcase what the system can do. There will also be numerous steps taken to ensure that people are not easily able to ‘steal’ vital inner workings of the system from the encrypted release.
The unencrypted version will be supplied with the ‘TCG Script && Resources Pack’. There is currently talks in progress for getting such a product featured in popular online webstores and the initial feedback for this is promising. This being the case, the system portion of this project will be sold for a small price. We do plan to keep the price as low as possible to ensure everyone is able to consider this system for their own project.

■ Q : Your own question here…
^-A : My reply here…

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