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Mahō no kādo is the name that will be given to the small (2-4 hour story) game that will be made alongside the Trading Card Game Scripts & Resource Pack. This game will come in two forms, encrypted and unencrypted. The unencrypted version will be supplied with the resource pack as a means of providing the user (of the resources) an adequate documentation with physical examples on how to set things up.

The encrypted version, will be freely distributed as a means of providing people with a product to play and thus, see the system in action. The game story is highly subject to change as any kickstarter reward tiers will likely be for backers to design features or even be featured themselves within the game.

As it currently stands, the main story will revolve around a young student named Dekita. The main goal of this game will be somewhat cliche (Become the best card battler in school whilst obtaining as many cards as possible). As well as featuring all aspects of the TCG detailed above, there will also be frequent appearances from popular names from the RPG Maker program itself. This includes fan favorites such as Ralph, Ulrika, Oscar, Eric, Rick and of course, the all important Slime!

During school your character will pass time via participating in various card duels (card battles) and once you become good enough, tournaments. Other means of passing time include things such as Shopping, Trading cards and of course, meeting fun, quirky and sometimes outrageous characters.

Alternatively, you could always attend classes and actually learn a thing or two about card dueling. There are many secrets to be found that can only be learned via completing the hardest of tests. Sometimes these tests will be of the mind, sometimes they will be more practical and will involve the protagonist battling their way to victory.



There are various things you can do to help out this project. Most obviously, you could contribute financially. Once the kickstarter campaign launches there will be numerous tiers tailored for RPG Maker users, CCG/TCG Enthusiasts and of course, there will be rewards for those people who just want to help out a small indie dev team create their product. Prior to the launch of our kickstarter campaign, you could also help by informing others about this project, such as friends, family & colleagues who may also be interested. Every tweet, like, share, blog post and comment can dramatically help our cause which in turn, will not only provide a fun, free, family friendly game. It will also provide people with a means of creating their own CCG/TCG’s with ease.

For a more detailed list of things you could do to help us click here.

Remember every single tweet, like, share,  post on your blog or website (directing people here) and of course, comments on this topic that share your positive thoughts will all help make this project come to life. Not only for myself, but also for all those who wish to easily create their own virtual CCG/TCG with minimal effort.

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