2TCG Scritps and ResourcesThis page provides in depth details of the system and the features it will boast upon completion.  Just to ensure you  fully understand exactly what this topic is discussing. That is, a fully customizable Trading Card Game system, containing numerous scripts and resources (visual and audio) for use in RPG Maker Vx Ace (possibly with older/future maker support). This system can be used as a mini-game within a project, but it is also contains enough features to be used as the sole focus of a game.

So, lets discuss the scripts, features and resources side of things. These will include things such things as;

Animated Cards :
■ Support included for popular animated spritesheets such as PVGames && Holder sprites.
■ Support for various sprite effects such as breath and zoom.
■ Support for cast/attack animations && Sprite changes.

Card Types :
■ Creature (cards that can attack such as monsters, demons, angels, heroes, etc..)
■ Equipment (cards to enhance a monster cards stats and/or features)
■ Spells && Items (potions, temp stat mods, card recovery, etc..)
■ Field Enhancements && Modifications
■ Mana Cards (used during the summoning process)
■ Sacrifice Cards (used during advanced summoning process)
■ Enhance Cards (used specifically to enhance crafting process)
■ Combo Cards (cards with more than 1 type, such as a monster with field modification feature)

Card Rarity :
■ Common
■ Uncommon
■ Rare
■ Ultra Rare
■ More

Card Packs :
■ Each pack is 100% customizable in terms of the cards it gives.
■ Certain Packs always give the same cards, some packs cards are completely random. Most however, are a combination of the two.
■ Certain cards can have a specific rarity value which can also vary from pack to pack.
■ Dedicated scene to show all cards obtained from recently opened pack(s).

Card Condition :
■ Cards have a ‘condition’ value. The more it is used, the more ‘beat up’ the card becomes (ripped edges etc)
■ Use protective sleeves / card lacquer to increase longevity of cards.

Optimized ‘card creation’ System :
■ Card images are created from multiple layered images – ie, ‘card frame’, ‘card information’, ‘main card image’, ‘main card bg’… This means that users of the system can easily change card settings without having to remake images every time. It also means that the size of each image is minimal.

Card && Deck Inventory :
■ Dedicated scene for viewing all obtained cards
■ Easily change cards from ‘inventory’ to ‘active deck’

Multiple Card Decks :
■ Support for primary (active) and secondary (not active) card decks. The ‘active deck’ can easily be changed before each battle begins (user given a choice) and from the Card Inventory.

Card Shop :
■ Buy/Sell various cards and packs
■ Buy/Sell general items (card bags, protection sleeves, card lacquer, etc..)

Card Trade :
■ Trade Cards with NPC’s (Non Playable Characters)
■ Send cards from one save file to another

Card Auction :
■ Buy/Sell items over time. (auction progresses as you play)
■ AI ensures that prices of items fluctuate over time.
■ Can potentially yield a greater financial benefit than regular store purchases due to AI.
■ Bidder/Seller AI would use current card ‘trends’ (based on recent opponents, trades, shop sales, etc..) to determine whether the card is sold and how much is made from it. It also uses similar methods to determine the cost of items available for purchase from the auction.

Card Craft :
■ Dedicated scene where by you can discard old unwanted cards into a ‘pot’ in the hope of generating a new, more powerful card.
■ Preset ‘recipes’ allow for ultra rare and perhaps even ‘unique’ cards to be obtained this way.
■ Card Strength. Each card has its own (possibly unique) strength value. This is used when determining all newly crafted cards.
■ Craft Progress Meter. This fills up with each card added and if no preset recipe has been fulfilled, a random card (or cards) that are just as ‘good’ will be obtained.

Card Enhance :
■ Dedicated Scene where by you use multiple cards of the same type to enhance a ‘target card’.
■ Increases overall statistics of ‘target card’ based on type of cards used to perform the enhancement.
■ Certain Cards can gain new powers or skills when they have been enhanced numerous times.

Card Dueling Battling :
■ Standard CCG/TCG rules such as Mana Pool, Card ‘Tap’, Sacrifices, Summons,
■ Popular Rules from games such as “Yu-Gi-Oh!”, “Pokemon TCG” and “Magic The Gathering” will also be featured
■ Animated Battlefields
■ Weather Damage && Effects
■ Alternating Battlefields (ie, cards that shape the field of play)
■ Card Battle System is fully independent of the RPG Maker battle system. ie, Can be used as either a primary or secondary battle system.

Card Dueling Tournaments :
■ Easily setup a tournament, with visible ‘tournament progression chart’.
■ Tournaments each have specific rulesets, each tournaments rules can vary greatly.

TCG Player :
■ Dedicated TCG Player class optimized for holding data specific to TCG activities.
■ Various status such as Level, Exp, Reputation and Rank.
■ Scene to show general information such as number of cards owned, collection percentage, win/lose ratio, etc..
■ Achievements that provide various rewards such as Gold, Cards, Packs, Exp and even Rare Items when completed.
■ Dedicated settings scene used by the player to change the level of difficulty and other general settings.

More features will be added above as I remember them / people suggest good features that should be included

Obviously, all aspects of the script system will be as customizable as possible. All cards, environments, scenes (window position, layout, etc..), player information and settings would all be fully customizable by the developer via simple (and fully documented) script customization sections. This means you can easily make each scene look fully unique to your project. You retain full control over all images & information shown as well as how each scene flows. Additionally, most of (if not all) the features would be optional, so things like ‘card condition’ does not have to be included in your own in-game CCG/TCG.


There are various things you can do to help out this project. Most obviously, you could contribute financially. Once the kickstarter campaign launches there will be numerous tiers tailored for RPG Maker users, CCG/TCG Enthusiasts and of course, there will be rewards for those people who just want to help out a small indie dev team create their product. Prior to the launch of our kickstarter campaign, you could also help by informing others about this project, such as friends, family & colleagues who may also be interested. Every tweet, like, share, blog post and comment can dramatically help our cause which in turn, will not only provide a fun, free, family friendly game. It will also provide people with a means of creating their own CCG/TCG’s with ease.

For a more detailed list of things you could do to help us click here.

Remember every single tweet, like, share,  post on your blog or website (directing people here) and of course, comments on this topic that share your positive thoughts will all help make this project come to life. Not only for myself, but also for all those who wish to easily create their own virtual CCG/TCG with minimal effort.


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  1. I find I need to inform you that I’d be willing to fund something around this concept. Because I’m looking to make a commercial game with this as the sole focus. Please contact me. I want to discuss with you.

    October 8, 2014 at 14:10

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