You MUST give credit to “Dekita”
You are NOT allowed to repost any of my scripts script.(or modified versions)
You are NOT allowed to convert any of my scripts. (into other languages or game engines eg RGSS 2)
You are NOT allowed to use any of my scripts for Commercial games. (or any game that generates ANY kind of Profit)

By using my scripts you hereby agree to the above terms and conditions, if any violation of the above terms occurs “legal action” may be taken. Not understanding the above terms and conditions does NOT mean that they do not apply to you.
If you wish to discuss the terms and conditions in further detail you can
contact me at :: https://dekitarpg.wordpress.com/

Please be aware, certain scripts within my $D13x Engine are available for commercial usage, under certain conditions. If you wish to find out more about this,


All my scripts are under this license :: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/deed.en_US


2 responses

  1. Announcement

    wait … (or modified versions) is that mean *Modifying your script is not allowed ? ~

    Well, dude… the way you have done right now is also modified the default script by using overwriting or aliasing.

    I can do the same thing to your script just by insert a new script below yours, overwrite, make alias, and I will leave your script unmodified.

    Unless, you deleted all of the default scripts and make your own engine.

    April 4, 2014 at 10:47

  2. You are challenging my terms of use?
    Thats fine…

    I have to point out…
    1 – most of the scripts I have written use none or very few of the default methods.
    2 – I am making my own engine. Thats why the name of the script series has ‘Engine’ in it…
    3 – The term you are quoting ‘You are NOT allowed to repost any of my scripts script.(or modified versions)’ applies to re-posting MY WORK (which most code writers forbid) – You can modify the code – as much as you want – but you CANNOT repost the work or claim it as your own. If its used commercially, you must still purchase the license – regardless of how much you customized the code.
    4 – You ‘COULD’, in theory, write a script to do exactly as my script does; however, if you use the same code (re-written or not) it is a violation of my usage policy. If the script does the exact thing my script does visually, then this could also be considered a violation – depending on the script.

    Some other things I should probably state…
    – RPG Maker games are SOOOO easy to hack into. Anything your encrypted game has, I can have within around 2 minutes. WITHOUT VOILATING THE EULA !!
    – If ANY of my scripts where used commercially without my permission.. I would sue / have your project shut down – The law WOULD be on my side, providing I have MASS amounts of proof of my scripts/systems. simple.
    – Unless you have sufficient coding knowledge, you WILL NOT be ablel to write a script even half as advanced as most of mine.

    Also, the way I write code, it is VERY easy for me to notice if someone had used my code as a base for their own script.
    Additionally, depending on which script(s) you are speaking about chances are – there is no way in hell you would be able to write that code for your first script.

    Your comment has really irritated me.
    If it was so easy to write my scripts, go, fuck off, and do it yourself.
    Otherwise, shut the fuck up.

    Also, if you have the capability to write a script as advanced as mine, why are you here, searching for scripts to use?

    Most people who can code, do. That is why there are coders… The people who cannot code, rely on others (like me) to write scripts for them.

    If you are disputing my terms, that suggests to me that you are currently violating them.
    People violating my terms of usage, is THE WHOLE reason I havent released over half the scripts I have written AND why I WILL NEVER release any script I have written via commission – Even if the person who paid for the script, wants the script released. I will not be the one to do it.

    Why should people give up their own time and money for retards like you to abuse the terms and claim you wrote the code…
    Fucking moron..

    Actually, you should congratulate yourself.
    You just made me decide to NOT release the 4 new scripts I have written. Why should I bother when there are idiots like you out there, ready to re-write my script to claim as their own.
    I may as well just keep all the scripts I write for my own game…

    April 4, 2014 at 11:02

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